Nebraska Hall of Fame: Edward J. Flanagan

"I have never found a boy who really wanted to be bad." - Edward J. Flanagan.

Founder of Boys Town

Edward Joseph Flanagan (1886 - 1948), an Ireland native, was a Catholic priest most notable for founding Father Flanagan's Boys Home, now known as Boys Town. 

Boys Town was started in Omaha in 1921 and evolved into an official town in 1936. 

Father Flanagan was inducted into the Nebraska Hall of Fame in 1965-1966. 


Other Resources:

Historical Marker: "Father Flanagan's Boys Home" 

Dan Desdunes 

     (An article about Desdunes: a prominent Omaha Bandleader who volunteered at Father Flanagan's Boys Home for 12 years and trained some of the youth.)


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