The State Archeology Office acts as a repository for collections from Nebraska archeological sites. In addition to storing its own state archeological collections, the SAO maintains a large repository of artifact collections belonging to various federal agencies. The SAO also manages archeological records, including all forms, inventories, maps, notes, and photographs from sites and surveys submitted within the state.

Incoming collections are processed and analyzed in the archeology laboratory at the SAO prior to storage. Archeological collections are stored in a secure, climate-controlled environment on space-saver units.

Artifacts on display

SAO Collections Storage

Curation Services

                Artifact and Document Collections

For a fee (currently $7.83/ft3), History Nebraska may ensure the long-term curation and management of collections and records from archeological undertakings within the State. A Curation Request Form should be submitted to the Archeology Collections Curator, preferably in the planning stages of the project. Approval of curation requests and final acceptance of collections is contingent upon several factors including space, legal title status, and adherence to History Nebraska curation standards.

                Collection Loans

Archeology loans for research or exhibit purposes are handled by the Archeology Collections Curator. View the History Nebraska Outgoing Loan Procedures for more information.

                Donation of Collections

History Nebraska may be interested in acquiring unique or very significant archeological artifacts from Nebraska. Potential donations can be directed to the Curator of Archeological Collections. For more information, view the History Nebraska Collections Policy.

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