August 2016

What Is It Wednesday - August 31 - Scaly Brown Hollow Thing

Welcome to “What Is It Wednesday”! This week marks the last segment of "What Is It Wednesday" for a while, so make sure you try a guess! Check in next Wednesday for our new segment, "Wild Weather Wednesdays." This is a photo of an unusual artifact from our collections. Post your guess in the comments, and share when you figure out what it is! We’ll identify the artifact and its uses on Thursday.


Timeline Tuesday: Cambridge vs. Omaha Tech for State Football Title, 1924

Welcome to our weekly series, "Timeline Tuesday." Every Tuesday, we'll post a brief Nebraska history story. The late NSHS historian and Nebraska History Associate Editor Jim Potter authored these columns, which are also printed in newspapers around the state. Cornhusker football kicks off this weekend, so we thought a football-related post was appropriate.

What Is It Wednesday REVEALED - August 24 - Salimeter

“What Is It Wednesday” Revealed – every Wednesday we post an unusual artifact from our collections and encourage viewers to guess the object. While this object is not on display, please visit the newly-renovated Nebraska History Museum at 15th & P Streets in Lincoln to see interesting Nebraska history like this on exhibit now! 11282-42 Salimeter from the Thiessen Pickle Company. The H. Thiessen Pickle Company was started in 1898 by Herman Thiessen in his apartment in Omaha. He had recently immigrated from northern Germany and had

The Indians as I Knew Them by Grace Stenberg Parsons - Memories of the Genoa Indian School

This manuscript was written by Grace Stenberg Parsons. As the daughter of the blacksmithing instructor at the Genoa Indian School in Genoa, Nebraska, Parsons observed the young Native American children who attended the school on a daily basis from 1907-1911. This short memoir of her experiences gives details about her childhood growing up on the Crow Reservation in Montana and living at the Genoa Indian School in Nebraska. The original manuscript can be found in the NSHS collections, RG1298.

The Indians as I Knew Them

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