April 2017

Flashback Friday: Building a Log Cabin on the Treeless Plains

Historian Everett Dick referred to the Great Plains as the “sod-house frontier,” and Nebraska photographer Solomon Butcher made many iconic images of soddies, but frontier Nebraska also saw its share of log cabins. Roger Welsch explored the subject in a 1980 Nebraska History article.

Jacob S. Hunt log house Jacob S. Hunt log house near Wilber, Nebraska, 1903. NSHS RG813-194


Timeline Tuesday: Easter Cards

The history of modern greeting cards began in 1843 in England with the design of the first Christmas card. Easter cards were introduced somewhat later, but by 1887 Omahans had a wide variety of "these pretty souvenirs of the season" from which to choose. The Omaha Daily Bee on March 25, 1887, described the Easter cards then available in Omaha. The Bee said: "The designs for Easter cards this year are more unique and elaborate than ever before.

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