July 2019

Cigar Making

Employees at Ross & Dryson Cigar Factory in Lincoln, Nebraska. Circa 1910.

Cigar making and cigar smoking in Nebraska reached their pinnacle shortly after the turn of the century. At that time, more than two hundred cigar makers in the state produced nearly thirty million cigars each year. Cigars later declined in popularity as World War I and the 1920s saw a rise in cigarette smoking.

Bombs Away

During World War II, the US Army Air Force would practice bombing runs in preparation for battle.  They had designated bombing ranges where pilots could drop the bombs at a safe distance.  Unfortunately, one Nebraska town learned the hard way that practice does not always make perfect.  In the wee hours of August 16, 1943, a practice bombing run dropped six bombs on Tarnov, NE, mistaking the town lights for the bombing range. Thankfully no one was injured.

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