June 2020

Retrospective on 1968

TV was full of protesters demonstrating everywhere, sometimes setting fires and breaking windows. What was happening to our country? I’ve been asking that same question frequently recently as I flash back to 1968, my senior year at UNL. Forget any romantic nonsense about the ’60’s. Here’s what that year was like for me and my friends.

When the Carnival Came to Town

Photo: The Flying Baldwins were a popular feature of the Walter Savidge Amusement Company. History Nebraska RG1667-1-15


Years ago, the peak of Nebraska summer entertainment came with the Walter Savidge Amusement Company as it pulled into the depot aboard its twenty-car, red-and-yellow Pullman train. The Wayne-based traveling show and carnival toured Nebraska and surrounding states from 1906 to 1941.

Swing Landscape

A piece recently treated at the Ford Center is this study for a mural entitled Swing Landscape by artist Stuart Davis.  Davis was a New York artist who studied under Nebraska-raised artist Robert Henri.  The mural was commissioned by the Works Progress Administration for a housing project in Brooklyn, New York and depicts the Gloucester, Massachusetts, waterfront.  Influenced by jazz, radio, film and consumer products in America, Stuart’s work makes use of vibrant colors, rhythm and abstract shapes.  The mural is an oil on canvas that measures approxim

Nebraska writer Marion Marsh Brown

Marion Marsh Brown grew up in a hurry. She published her first story at age 10 and graduated from high school at age 14. Her beloved father died when she was a 15-year-old freshman at the Nebraska State Teacher’s College (today’s Peru State). She went on to become a writer of fiction for young readers, and Nebraska history played a prominent role in many of her stories.

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