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Lubber the Horse

Lubber, the horse, was born in 1921 at the Miller Ranch in Holt County, Nebraska. He was owned by A. E. Ponton and Sons of Battle Creek, and exhibited in various carnivals in the 1920s as the World's Largest Horse. At that time, Lubber weighed 2,000 pounds and stood 7'4''. At the time of his death from pneumonia on June 1927, he weighed 3120 pounds and was 21 hands high. According to an obituary in the Norfolk Press, Lubber's dam was a Percheron and his sire was a cross between Belgian and Shire.

Lubber, the World's Largest Horse (RG2408.PH-2

Lubber, the 3000 lbs horse (RG2408.PH-2)

Lubber pin

"Have you seen Lubber?" Source: Berince Ponton Tomjack (O'Neill, Nebraska)

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