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Nebraska’s New Deal Art

"Going to Work" by Ernest Stevens (743p-106)For those of you who were unable to make it to the Nebraska History Museum last year for the exhibit entitled, “For the People: Nebraska’s New Deal Art,” we have some good news! These works of art are now available on our website as a virtual exhibit.


"Going to Work" by Ernest Stevens (743p-106) (above).

All of the artwork in the exhibit was produced in 1933-1934 for the Public Works of Art Program (PWAP), a project of the Civil Works Administration. The art remains the property of the U.S. Government, but the Nebraska State Historical Society maintains the collection on long-term loan for the benefit of all Nebraskans.

"The Noon Shift" by Louis Smetana (743p-037)

"The Noon Shift" by Louis Smetana (743p-037) (at left).



To see more, check out the online exhibit!

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