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Sonja Henie's Cold, Cold Heart

In 1941 ice skater and movie star Sonja Henie performed in Omaha. Her agent asked Nebraskan Barney Oldfield to help publicize the show. Oldfield decided to present Henie with a green, heart-shaped ice sculpture. The frozen heart quickly began to melt, foiling the skater's attempt to autograph it with a heated nail. Oldfield vowed to keep the heart in Omaha until Henie returned, but she never did. After Henie's death in 1969 Oldfield returned to Omaha to place a rose on the now shrunken sculpture. In 2003 the heart was missing from its cold storage site.

"Sonja Henie's heart was lost in Omaha "  Source:Omaha World Herald, 2-10-2003

Source: Omaha World Herald, February 10, 2003 

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