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Is There a Beaver Crossing Nebraska?

Entrance to ford of Beaver Creek at the archeological site

Entrance to ford of Beaver Creek at the archeological site at left.

If you would like to know the answer to this question as well as learn more about historic trails and the role Nebraska played in the epic story of American migration and settlement, come to the Nebraska History Museum on June 17 at noon and hear Archeologist Nolan Johnson discuss the Beaver Creek Trail Crossing site.   Beaver Crossing, in Seward County, was a road ranch along the Nebraska City Cut-Off from 1862-1871.  The site was excavated in 2005-2006 and Nolan was an assistant on the dig.  Listen and learn about the role this settlement played in travel on the trail and discover the unique archeological features of this site.

Fenian button unearthed at the site
Fenian button and ceramic plate uncovered at the site (at left and right).
Beaver Crossing plate

The Brown Bag Lecture Series is presented on the third Thursday of each month at the Nebraska History Museum, 15th and P Streets, Lincoln.  For more information please go to:


–Nolan Johnson, Archeologist

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