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What Is It Wednesday - June 22 REVEALED - Delusion Mousetrap

Every Wednesday, we post a photo of an unusual artifact from our collections. Thanks to everyone who guessed! While this particular artifact is not on exhibit, please visit the newly-renovated Nebraska History Museum at 15th and P Streets to engage with more fascinating Nebraska History.

11661-1 Delusion Mousetrap Invented by John H. Morris of Seward. Morris patented the trap in 1876. He sold his patent in 1877, and several companies manufactured the Delusion and similar traps. Today, the Victor Woodstream Corporation of Pennsylvania continues to produce a trap based on the Delusion's design. See Nebraska History, Summer 1997, Vol. 78 No. 2 “The Delusion of John Morris: A Better Mouse Trap and its Makers” by David Drummond

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