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Dolls & Doll Accessories 


Doll Bed (7144-25)



Doll Bed  (NSHS 7144-25) 

Doll bed with a sateen coverlet with lace border. There is a small pillow under the cover. Attached to the coverlet is a card that says: 

Madeoiselle M.Lamy, Directrice de l’Écôle Sainte-Marie, And her pupils, with their kindest thanks.” 22, Rue Masson Les Mureaux (S.-&-O.)” 



Doll (NSHS 7144-26 )

Doll with arms and legs that are one piece and held on to the body with a string running through the openings. On the back of the neck MOD5DEP appears in raised letters. 

A card accompanies the doll and the front says: “Orphelinat de la Préservation, 80, rue du Géneral Bual, Nantes (Loire Inférieure)” [Orphanage of the Preservation] 

The back of the card says: “Je m’appelle Marie France, et viens au nom des Petites Bleuettes de Nantes vous exprimer toute leur reconnaissance.” [My name is Marie France and I come in the name of the Little Blue Children of Nantes to express all of their thanks.] 

Doll (7144-26)

Doll (7144-191)

Doll (NSHS 7144-191)

Doll wearing a regional costume with wooden peasant shoes. 

Doll (7144-142)

Doll (NSHS 7144-142)

Sleepy eye doll with composition body and bisque head. 


Doll (7144-123)

Doll (NSHS 7144-123)

Doll wearing a regional costume with brown leather shoes, a heart-shaped white mother-of-pearl locket and white earrings. There is a note that says: “From people of Boulogne.” 

Doll (7144-133)

Doll (NSHS 7144-133)

Sleepy-eye doll with a china head and wood body. 

Doll (7144-192)

Doll (NSHS 7144-192)

Doll with movable eyes wearing a regional costume. 

Doll (7144-25)

Doll (NSHS 7144-25)

Composition baby doll in a sleeper with a red painted belt, cream top, and light blue bib. Arms are movable and held to the trunk with a string. Inscriptions: Letters “NIL” cast in raised letters on back of neck. Doll is 3.25″ (8.2 cm) long. 

Doll purse (7144-32 [dup 3])

Doll purse (NSHS 7144-32 [dup 3])

Crocheted doll purse with a tag that has the letter “G” on it. 

Doll bootie (7144-32 [dup 1]

Doll bootie (NSHS 7144-32 [dup1] )

Doll bootie with cardboard sole. 

Doll beret (7144-193-(5))

Doll beret (NSHS 7144-193-(5))

Crocheted doll beret. 

Doll cape (7144-193-(1))

Doll cape (NSHS 7144-193-(1) )

Brown doll cape of impermeable oilskin. 

Doll dress (7144-193-(3))

Doll dress (NSHS 7144-193-(3))

Taffeta doll dress. 

Doll dress (7144-193-(2))

Doll dress (NSHS 7144-193-(2))

Cotton doll dress. 

Doll jumper (7144-193-(4))

Doll jumper (NSHS 7144-193-(4))

Doll jumper.

Doll Clothes (71444-194)

Doll clothes (NSHS 7144-194)

Hand-knit doll clothes tied together. In the set is a dark blue hat, a pair of red booties, dark blue pants, and a red sweater with dark blue mittens that are detachable on each arm. 


Toy Vehicles

Toy airplane (7144-28)

Toy airplane (NSHS 7144-28)

Wooden toy airplane. 

Toy airplane (7144-190)

Toy airplane (NSHS 7144-190)

Metal toy airplane with French insignia. There are raised letters under the wings that say: “DINKY TOYS, AM109 570?” and “MECCANO, Fabr en France.” 

Toy Airplane (7144-188)

Toy airplane (NSHS 7144-188)

Metal toy airplane with two propellers. A third prop, on one of the wing engines is missing. There are decals on the wings. On the left wing it says: “F ­ A”. On the right wing it says: “D B F”. On the underside of the wings is cast lettering. On the Right wing it says “DINKY TOYS” “DEWOITINE 338”. On left wing it says: “MECCANO” “FAB. EN FRANCE”.

Toy car (7144-101)

Toy Car (NSHS 7144-101)

These cars still have their original cardboard boxes and direction sheets and windup keys. Spring powered toy made of sheet metal with door and hood lines traced in white.

Toy car (7144-103)

Toy Car (NSHS 7144-103)

Markings: “RENAULT”, decal on rear engine bonnet. Decal with number “4” on right rear fender. “Made in France” stamped on underside. License plate no. “7718-RO” decal, on rear bumper.

Toy car (7144-102)

Toy Car (NSHS 7144-102)

Windows are empty spaces. Four rubber tires with red metal wheels and shaped silver colored hubcaps. 

More Toys

Toy House (7144-23)

Toy house (NSHS 7144-23)

Wooden toy house with door and windows made of pencil-lined paper. As was customary with French vacation homes a sign hangs over the door that gives the name of the house: “Mon Nid” [My Nest]. 

Inscribed on the bottom in ink are the phrases: “St. Nazaire“, “Nous rebatirons une Cite Fraternelle” [We will rebuild a brotherly city]. “En remerciant a nos petits amis d’Amerique” [In thanks to our little friends of America].

In addition, on the bottom is a name and address: “Christian Lambert-17 Rue Gauloise.-St. Nazaire-. “Ecole St. Joseph, Rue du Maine, St. NAZAIRE” 

Toy table 7144-22

Square-topped toy table. On the paper tag written in ink it says: “Ecole Lacordaire ­ 6 rue de l’Eglise, Joinville-le-Pont (Seine)-Banlieue de Paris

“Chere petite amie, En remerciement pour les objets que vous nous avez envoyés. Nous vous adressons ces cadeaux qui nous esperons vous feront plaisir. Nous aurions bien voulu faire votre connaissance ainsi que celle de votre beau pays. Nous vous envoyons nos meilleures amitiés. 

De la part d’une petite Française, Jacqueline Frot

[Dear little friend, In thanking you for the things that you have sent us, we are sending you these gifts that we hope you will like. We would have liked to get to know you as well as your beautiful country.

From a little French girl, Jacqueline Frot] 

Toy table (7144-22)

Miniature town (7144-38)

Miniature Town (NSHS 7144-38)

Miniature town on a printed sheet with wooden pieces that represent buildings and vehicles. Some of the buildings have ink stamped windows and doors. 


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Toy Soldier (7144-39)

Toy Soldier (NSHS 7144-39)

Miniature toy soldier marching with a rifle. The silver paint is worn off and he has a painted pink face and a green base. 

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