State Government Records

History Nebraska preserves records from practically every state agency and commission. Records from 1854 to the present document state government at work. For more information about the holdings listed below or to order a records search contact our Reference Services Department.

Abstractors Board of Examiners [RG0049].pdf

Administrative Services, Department of [RG0075].pdf

Advisory Defense Committee, Nebraska [RG0025].pdf

Aeronautics, Department of [RG0007].pdf

Aging, Nebraska Department on [RG0084].pdf

Agriculture, Department of [RG0012].pdf

Agriculture, State Board of [RG0022].pdf

American Revolution Bicentennial Commission, Nebraska [RG0071].pdf

Arts Council, Nebraska [RG0089].pdf

Athletic Commissioner, Nebraska State [RG0090].pdf

Auditor of Public Accounts [RG0004].pdf

Banking and Finance, Department of [RG0013].pdf

Brand Commission [RG0047].pdf

Capitol Building (Second), Nebraska [RG0017].pdf

Centennial Commission, Nebraska [RG0052].pdf

Commission on Latino-Americans [RG0091].pdf

Commission on the Status of Women, Nebraska [RG0101].pdf

Constitutional Conventions, Nebraska [RG0032].pdf

Constitutional Revision Commission, Nebraska [RG0020].pdf

Coordinating Council for Postsecondary Education, Nebraska [RG0070].pdf

Correctional Services, Department of [RG0086].pdf

Council of Defense, Nebraska State [RG0023].pdf

Court of Condemnation for the Ascertainment and Finding of the value of the Property and Rights of the Omaha Gas Company, Nebraska [RG0036].pdf

Displaced Persons, Nebraska Committee on the Resettlement of [RG0001, SG33, S16].pdf

Economic Development, Nebraska Department of [RG0073].pdf

Education, Department of [RG0011].pdf

Educational Lands and Funds, Board of [RG0006].pdf

Engineers and Architects, Board of Examiners for Professional [RG0081].pdf

Environmental Control, Department of [RG0068].pdf

Equal Opportunity Commission [RG0085].pdf

Equalization and Assessment, Board of [RG0057].pdf

Ethanol Board, Nebraska [RG0139].pdf

Fire Marshall, State [RG0028].pdf

Game and Parks Commission, Nebraska [RG0031].pdf

Governor – General Records, 1854-2011 [RG1, SG1]

    • Note: This subgroup spans many administrations and contains state agency reports, proclamations, executive appointments, admiralships, prohibition era liquor permits, and records about the Governor’s Residence.

Governor – Aldrich, Chester Hardy, 1862-1924 [RG1, SG24] (1911-1912).pdf

Governor – Anderson, Victor Emmanuel, 1902-1962 [RG1, SG35] (1950-1958).pdf

Governor – Black, Samuel W., 1818-1862 [RG1, SG6] (1859-1861)

Governor – Boyd, James E., 1834-1906 [RG1, SG15] (1891-1893)

Governor – Brooks, Ralph Gilmour, 1898-1960 [RG1, SG36] (1957-1960).pdf

Governor – Bryan, Charles Wayland, 1867-1945 [RG1, SG28] (1923-1925; 1931-1935).pdf

Governor – Burney, Dwight W., 1892-1987 [RG1, SG37] (1960).pdf

Governor – Burt, Francis, 1807-1854 [RG1, SG2] (1854)

Governor – Butler, David, 1829-1891 [RG1, SG8] (1867-1871)

Governor – Cochran, Robert Leroy, 1886-1963 [RG1, SG31] (1934-1940).pdf

Governor – Crosby , Robert Berkey, 1911-2000 [RG1, SG34] (1952-1954).pdf

Governor – Crounse, Lorenzo, 1834-1909 [RG1, SG16] (1893-1895)

Governor – Cuming, Thomas Barney, 1827-1858 [RG1, SG3] (1854-1855; 1857-1858)

Governor – Dawes, James William, 1845-1918 [RG1, SG13] (1882-1887)

Governor – Dietrich, Charles Henry, 1853-1924 [RG1, SG19] (1901).pdf

Governor – Exon, John James, 1921-2005 [RG1, SG40] (1970-1979).pdf

Governor – Furnas, Robert Wilkinson, 1824-1905 [RG1, SG10] (1873-1875).pdf

Governor – Garber, Silas, 1833-1905 [RG1, SG11] (1875-1879)

Governor – Griswold, Dwight Palmer, 1893-1954 [RG1, SG32] (1940-1946).pdf

Governor – Heineman, Dave [RG1, SG46] (2005-2015).pdf

Governor – Holcomb, Silas Alexander, 1858-1920 [RG1, SG17] (1895-1899).pdf

Governor – Izard, Mark W., 1799-1866 [RG1, SG4] (1855-1857)

Governor – James, William Hartford, 1831-1920 [RG1, SG9] (1871-1873)

Governor – Johanns, Mike [RG1, SG45] (1999-2005).pdf

Governor – Kerrey, Joseph Robert, 1943- [RG1, SG42] (1983-1987)

Governor – McKelvie, Samuel Roy, 1881-1956 [RG1, SG27] (1918-1923).pdf

Governor – McMullen, Adam, 1872-1959 [RG1, SG29] (1924-1929).pdf

Governor – Mickey, John Hopwood, 1845-1910 [RG1, SG21] (1903-1907).pdf

Governor – Morehead, John Henry, 1861-1942 [RG1, SG25] (1913-1917).pdf

Governor – Morrison, Frank Brenner, 1905‐2004 [RG1, SG38] (1961-1966).pdf

Governor – Nance, Albinus, 1848-1911 [RG1, SG12] (1879-1883)

Governor – Nelson, E. Benjamin, 1941- [RG1, SG44] (1991-1998).pdf

Governor – Neville, Keith, 1886-1959 [RG1, SG26] (1917-1918).pdf

Governor – Orr, Kay A., 1939- [RG1, SG43] (1986-1990).pdf

Governor – Peterson, Val, 1903-1983 [RG1, SG33] (1947-1953).pdf

Governor – Poynter, William Amos, 1848-1909 [RG1, SG18] (1899-1900).pdf

Governor – Richardson, W. A. (William Alexander), 1811-1875 [RG1, SG5] (1858)

Governor – Saunders, Alvin, 1817-1899 [RG1, SG7] (1861-1867)

Governor – Savage, Ezra Perin, 1842-1920 [RG1, SG20] (1901-1902).pdf

Governor – Shallenberger, Ashton Cokayne, 1862-1938 [RG1, SG23] (1901-1911).pdf

Governor – Sheldon, George Lawson, 1870-1960 [RG1, SG22] (1907-1909).pdf

Governor – Thayer, John Milton, 1820-1906 [RG1, SG14] (1887-1892)

Governor – Thone, Charles, 1924- [RG1, SG41] (1979-1983).pdf

Governor – Tiemann, Norbert T. 1924-2012 [RG1, SG39] (1967-1970).pdf

Governor – Weaver, Arthur J., 1873-1945 [RG1, SG30] (1928-1930).pdf

Grand Army of the Republic, Department of Nebraska [RG0026].pdf

Grand Island Veterans Home (DHHS) [RG0097].pdf

Health, Board of [RG0027.1].pdf

Health, Department of [RG0027.2].pdf

Historical Society, Nebraska State [RG0014]

Horticultural Society, Nebraska State [RG0030].pdf

Immigration, State Board of [RG0024].pdf

Indian Affairs Commission, Nebraska [RG0093].pdf

Insurance, Department of [RG0008].pdf

Joint Merit System, Nebraska [RG0076].pdf

Justice, Nebraska Department of [RG0003].pdf

Labor, Nebraska Department of [RG0010].pdf

Legislature, Nebraska [RG0056]

Lewis and Clark Bicentennial Commission, Nebraska [RG0137].pdf

Lewis and Clark Centennial American Pacific Exposition and Orient Fair, Nebraska [RG0040].pdf

Liquor Control Commission, Nebraska [RG0037].pdf

Louisiana Purchase Exposition. Nebraska Commission [RG0054].pdf

Low‐Level Radioactive Waste Compact Commission (LLRW), Nebraska [RG0141].pdf

Military Department. Nebraska [RG0018].pdf

Natural Resources, Nebraska Department of [RG0060].pdf

Nebraska Emergency Management Agency (NEMA) [RG0018].pdf

Nebraska Sesquicentennial Commission [RG0116].pdf

Nebraska State Colleges, Board of Trustees [RG0080].pdf

Pardons and Parole Board, Nebraska [RG0034].pdf

Peru State College (Nebraska State Normal School) [RG0029].pdf

Planning Board, Nebraska State [RG0019].pdf

Policy Research Office, Nebraska [RG0104].pdf

Poultry Association, Nebraska State [RG0021].pdf

Public Accountancy, Nebraska State Board of [RG0048].pdf

 Public Employees Retirement Systems [RG0065].pdf

Public Institutions, Nebraska Department of [RG0039].pdf

Public Library Commission, Nebraska [RG0016].pdf

Public Service Commission, Nebraska [RG0009].pdf

Q-125 Commission, Nebraska [RG0125].pdf

Racing Commission, Nebraska State [RG0038].pdf

Railway Commission, Nebraska State (see Public Service Commission)

Relief and Aid Association, Nebraska [RG0043].pdf

Relief Commission, Nebraska State [RG0033].pdf

Roads, Nebraska Department of [RG0015].pdf

Secretary of State, Nebraska [RG0002]

Social Services, Nebraska Department of [RG0051].pdf

State Patrol/State Sheriff, Nebraska [RG0100]

Supreme Court, Nebraska [RG0069].pdf

Survival Project, Nebraska [RG0045].pdf

Technical Assistance Agency [RG0046].pdf

Technical Community Colleges, Nebraska State Board of [RG0059].pdf

Territorial Courts. Nebraska Territory [RG0058].pdf

Trans-Mississippi and International Exposition, Nebraska Commission [RG0042]

Treasurer, Nebraska State [RG0005].pdf

United Spanish War Veterans. Nebraska Department [RG0044].pdf

United States Centennial Exhibition, Nebraska [RG0055].pdf

Vicksburg Commission, Nebraska [RG0035].pdf

Water Resources, Nebraska Department of [RG0072].pdf

Workmen’s Compensation Court, Nebraska [RG0066].pdf

World’s Columbian Exposition [RG0041].pdf

World’s Industrial and Cotton Centennial Exposition, New Orleans, Louisiana [RG0053].pdf



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