Appraisals and Authentications

Mari Sandoz viewing Crazy Horse Exhibit at NSHS [RG0014.PH000024-000002] Mari Sandoz viewing the Crazy Horse exhibit at the Nebraska State Historical Society, September 1954. For more information about how Sandoz's research uncovered the true history of the purported Crazy Horse shirt, check out Nebraska History's "Crazy Horse Scalp Shirt."

The staff of History Nebraska does not appraise or authenticate artifacts.

Our policy regarding appraisals and authentications is outlined in the History Nebraska Collection Policy Statement. (pdf)

  • History Nebraska staff or Board of Trustees cannot set values or give opinions on the value of an object for tax purposes.
  • The History Nebraska staff or board members may assist donors in locating a qualified appraiser, but cannot recommend one appraiser over another.
  • History Nebraska will provide the donating individual with paperwork that can serve as a receipt for Internal Revenue Service purposes.
  • History Nebraska will not pay for the appraisal of donated items. 
  • The staff of History Nebraska cannot make definitive statements regarding the authenticity of objects brought to them for identification by the public. Staff may share
    • professional opinions or sources of information.

For additional information, please download the  Gerald R. Ford Conservation Center Appraiser Information resource. 

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