Charles Philander Jordan, 1856-1924 [RG2095.AM]


RG2095.AM:  Charles Philander Jordan, 1856-1924

Papers:  1905-1932
Dakota Territory:  Indian agent
Size:  1 reel of microfilm (negative)


Charles Philander Jordan was at various times Indian agent on the Sioux reservations at Red Cloud, Spotted Tail, Pine Ridge and Rosebud.


This collection consists of one reel of negative microfilm containing letters and papers of Charles P. Jordan.

These items relate to: Chief Red Cloud; Rosebud agency, 1911; genealogical lines of descent from Stephen Hopkins and Nicholas Cady; Alexander Bordeaux, Jr.; Jordan's American Indian Village; and Jordan Mercantile Company.

Correspondents include: Henry N. Couden, Feb. 1921; James McLaughlin, Nov. 1921; General Jesse M. Lee, 1910-1915; and O.D. Fox, May 1919.

Note: See the photo component [RG2095.PH] for photographs. Also, RG1010.AM contains a manuscript, "The Ranch of Charles P. Jordan," by Henry W. Hamilton, Marshall, Missouri.


Reel 1

Article on squaw men, mss.
"Plea of a squaw man," mss.
Article on Red Cloud, mss.
Article by Jordan concerning the Brule and Oglala in 1878
Petition to Secretary of Interior from the Sioux of the Rosebud Agency, South Dakota, 1911
Genealogical chart representing the order of descent from Nicholas Cady and Stephen Hopkins
Petition to Chester A. Arthur, President of the United States, on behalf of Charles P. Jordan as Indian agent for Pine Ridge Agency
Land allotment document of Alexander Bordeaux, Jr., May 23, 1905
Document listing the heirs of Blue Eyes, deceased Rosebud Sioux, Nov. 8, 1919
Red Cloud's Speech, Aug. 19, (no year), mutilated mss.
Letter, Henry N. Couden, Chaplain U.S. House of Representatives to Charles P. Jordan, Feb. 15, 1921 (with clippings)
Letter, James McLaughlin, Dept. of Interior, to Charles P. Jordan, Nov. 5, 1921
Letters, Gen. Jesse M. Lee to Charles P. Jordan, May 27, 1910; July 11, 1914; Oct. 17, 1914; May 30, 1913; Nov. 18, 1913; Oct. 31, 1914; Mar. 17, 1915
Letter, O.D. Fox to Charles P. Jordan, May 9, 1919
Regulations to Govern Rosebud Round-up for Summer of 1915
Ta Eyapaha Kin, St. Francis Mission, St. Francis, S.D., Feb. 1932
Certificate of Election of Charles P. Jordan in Primary Election for County Treasurer, Mellete County, S.D., June 4, 1912
"Killing of French Trapper at Bear Butte by Ree" by Susan Bordeaux Bettelyoun, mss. of article
The Weekly Review, Flandreau, S.D., April 2, 1910
Record book of Indian accounts, mss.
Orders in favor of C. P. Jordan
Statement regarding the career and financial condition of Charles P. Jordan
Brochure on "Colonel Jordan's American Indian Village," fragment
Newspaper clippings
Jordan Mercantile Company stationery



Bordeaux, James
Brule Sioux
Hamilton, Henry W.
Indian agents and agencies
Jordan Mercantile Company
Jordan, Charles Philander, 1856-1924
Jordan's American Indian Village
Lee, Jesse Matlock
Oglala Sioux
Red Cloud, 1822-1909
Sioux Indians -- Reservations


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