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RG4093.AM:  Charles Strong

Journal:  1866
Nebraska:  Soldier
Size:  1 volume on 1 reel of microfilm


During the Civil War, a serious problem in Nebraska was that of protecting the exposed frontier against Indian attacks. Success at Gettysburg, relieving some of the pressure in the East, combined with the fear that the Confederates were trying to organize a general Indian uprising on the Plains, caused the Army to reinforce its strength in the West, and on September 19, 1863, eight companies of the Seventh Iowa Cavalry arrived in Omaha, destined for the Plains. Later units from Missouri, Ohio, and the First Nebraska Cavalry joined them.

Throughout 1864-1866 incidents, including those at Plum Creek and at Sand Creek, kept emotions high. Among various cavalry sorties was one in January and February of 1866 under Lt. Col. R. H. Brown of the 12th Missouri Volunteer Cavalry in the Republican Valley of Nebraska. One member of the mission was Lt. Charles Strong of Co. K of the 6th U.S. Volunteer Infantry.


This collection consists of one reel of microfilm containing the 1866 journal of Charles Strong.

This journal, comprising 22 pages, is in the Everett D. Graff Collection of Western Americana (#4009 in Colton Storm's 1968 catalog of the Graff Collection) in the Newberry Library, Chicago. The title of the journal in the catalog is "Journal/ of/ Expedition Against Hostile Indians/ in/ Southern Nebraska/ Commanded by/ Lieut. Col. R. H. Brown 12th Missouri Cav. Vols./ January and February, 1866."

According to a communication from the National Archives, the official journal of this expedition is now lost and the Strong Journal is the most lengthy surviving account.

Note:  This microfilm copy cannot be interlibrary loaned. Permission to copy or publish anything from this journal must be obtained from the Newberry Library.


Reel 1

  1. Journal, 1866



Indians of North America -- Wars
Iowa Cavalry. 7th Regiment
Missouri Cavalry. 12th Regiment
Nebraska Cavalry. 1st Regiment, 1861-1866
Republican River Valley (Neb.)
Strong, Charles


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