Farmers' Union Co-Operative Association (Newman Grove, Neb.) [RG4115.AM]


RG4115.AM:  Farmers' Union Co-Operative Association (Newman Grove, Neb.)

Records:  1914-1951
Nebraska:  Farmers' co-operative organization
Size:  0.5 cu.ft.; 1 box


The Farmers' Union Co-Operative Association of Newman Grove, Nebraska, was organized on December 12, 1914. The board met and officers were elected at that time. The Association's articles of incorporation stated that the business of this co-operative was to include the buying and selling of grain, seeds, hay, livestock, merchandise, and building materials. The organization's capital stock was to be $35,000.

To carry out its purpose, the Association decided in June of 1916 to build its own store where agricultural and general merchandise products could be bought and sold. At a June 1, 1936 special meeting, the Co-Operative disposed of its dry goods merchandise, but decided to continue to operate a grocery with a cream and produce station.

As the years passed, calls arose every so often to dissolve the Association. A meeting was called on November 26, 1945 to consider this proposal but the proposition was defeated. No record of the Co-Operative's dissolution could be found in the Secretary of State's records up to 1970.


This collection consists of one box of records relating to the business conducted by the Farmers' Union Co-Operative Association in Newman Grove, Madison County, Nebraska. The organizational records in folder 1 include the Articles of Incorporation, Constitution and By-Laws, and constitutional amendments adopted by the Farmers' Union Co-Operative Association, 1914-1927.

Folders 2-4 are comprised of three volumes of minutes dating from 1914-1938. Entries for monthly meetings, special meetings, and annual meetings usually record a series of motions and outcome of the voting. Information on attendance, business decisions, purchases, merchandise, prices, wages, store operation, stock offerings, and creamery production is provided. The Annual reports in folder 5 give a general accounting of the Association's financial status and board policies for the years 1921-1943.

Folders 6-10 contain the Co-Operative's financial records dating from 1915-1951. Included are auditor's reports, 1926-1951, which provide a yearly financial statement of the Association's assets and liabilities; balance sheets, 1919-1921, which are a monthly listing of assets and liabilities; and stock certificates and stock registers, 1915-1920, which show stockholders and stock ownership. Folder 11 consists of correspondence dating from 1917-1936. Folder 12 contains miscellaneous materials including notes, leases, petitions of the Newman Grove Association, and by-laws of other co-operative associations.


Box 1

  1. Organizational records, 1914-1927
  2. Minutes, 1914, Dec. 12 - 1917, Sept. 6
  3. Minutes, 1917, Sept. 24 - 1926, Feb. 2
  4. Minutes, 1926, Mar. 2 - 1938, Jan. 26
  5. Annual reports, 1920-1943
  6. Auditor's Reports, 1926-1938
  7. Auditor's Reports, 1939-1951
  8. Balance Sheets, 1919-1921
  9. Stock Certificates and Stock Registers, 1915-1920
  10. Insurance Policies, 1916-1921
  11. Correspondence, 1917-1936
  12. Miscellaneous



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Farmers' Union Co-Operative Association (Newman Grove, Neb.)
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