First Baptist Church (Hastings, Neb.) [RG4085.AM]


RG4085.AM:  First Baptist Church (Hastings, Neb.)

Records:  1873-1964
Hastings, Adams County, Neb.:  Baptist church
Size:  2 reels of microfilm containing 18 volumes


In 1872 the Reverend I. D. Newell was sent to Clay and Adams counties by the American Baptist Home Missionary Society. At a meeting in April of 1873, it was decided to organize a regular Baptist Church. Services were held initially in a building on the corner of First Street and St. Joseph Avenue in Hastings. In 1881 the first church building was erected on the corner of Fifth Street and Lincoln Avenue.

In the summer of 1888 the South Side Chapel was built and a Sunday School was organized there. The Congregation also maintained an East Side Chapel. In 1924 the church burned leaving only the bell tower which was incorporated into the new building dedicated in 1926. In 1956 a new parsonage was constructed and a new educational unit was added ten years later.


The records of the First Baptist Church of Hastings, Nebraska contain 18 volumes on two reels of microfilm arranged in four series: 1) Church record, 1873-1964; 2) Minutes of the Women's Missionary Union, 1944-1951; 3) Records of the Ladies' Aid Society, 1909-1940; and 4) Records of the General Aid Society, 1923-1937.

Most of the Church Record volumes contain lists of members, minutes of meetings, annual letters, annual reports, and a chronology of events. However, one volume contains only lists of members and one other only minutes of meetings, the record books of the Ladies' Aid Society, and the General Aid Society include minutes of meetings and officers' reports.


Reel 1
Series 1 - Church record, 1873-1964


  1. 1873-1881
  2. 1887-1898
  3. 1888-1896 (lists of members only)
  4. 1899-1909
  5. 1909-1922
  6. 1922-1938
  7. 1938-1954
  8. 1954-1964 (minutes only)

Reel 2
Series 2 - Records of the Women's Missionary Union, 1944-1954


  1. Minutes, 1944-1947
  2. Minutes, 1947-1951

Series 3 - Records of the Ladies' Aid Society, 1909-1940


  1. Circle #3, record Book, 1909-1913
  2. Circle #3, record Book, 1915-1918
  3. Circle #3, record Book, 1925-1932
  4. Circle #3, record Book, 1932-1935
  5. Circle #3, record Book, 1935-1940
  6. Circle #3, record Book, 1933-1938
  7. Circle #3, record Book, 1938-1939

Series 4 - Records of the General Aid Society, 1923-1937


  1. Record book, 1923-1937



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