Frank Edler [RG5984.AM]


RG5984.AM:  Frank Edler

Typescript articles:
Lincoln, Lancaster County, Neraska:  Professor
Size:  11 items


The collection consists of various typescript papers and articles written by Frank Edler.


Box 1

  1. "Four Nebraskans and the Henry Ford Peace Expedition."
  2. "American Terror in Nebraska: the 1918 State University Professors' Trial."
  3. "The University of Nebraska Professors' Trial: On Being One Hundred Per Cent Aggressively American."
  4. “Language and Being in Cather's The Professor's House: A Look Back and Forth from Thoreau to Nietzsche and Heidegger.” (presented at the 8th International Cather Conference, Nebraska City, June 17-24, 2000)
  5. “A Nazi Professor in Nebraska: the Professor Exchange between the University of Nebraska and the University of Berlin in 1936-1937.”
  6. “Myth and the Poverty of Experience:  Wright Morris' The Home Place and Walter Benjamin's Dialectical Image.”  (Given at Wright Morris Conference, 2003, and second revised version prepared in 2017)
  7. “The Question of Academic Freedom for a Nazi Professor at the University of Nebraska,” part 1, The AFCON Sentinel, September 2015, pp. 4, 6-7.
  8. “A Nazi Professor in Nebraska (Part II),” The AFCON Sentinel, December 2015, pp. 9-11.
  9. “A Nazi Professor in Nebraska (Part III - Conclusion),” The AFCON Sentinel, March 2016, pp. 9-12.
  10. “The National Woman’s Party and Its Defense of Free Speech in the White House Picketing Campaign of 1917,” The AFCON Sentinel, December 2016, pp. 14-18.
  11. “Christian Abraham Sorensen and Free Speech at Grand Island Baptist College,” The AFCON Sentinel, June 2016, pp. 7-10.


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