Franklin A. Bidwell [RG4984.AM]


RG4984.AM:  Franklin A. Bidwell

Survey books:  ca. 1871
York County, Neb.:  Farmer, land agent
Size:  1 reel of microfilm


The 1870 Nebraska census lists Frank A. Bidwell, a native of New York, as a 34-year old farmer in Lancaster County. Histories of York County indicate that he arrived there in the early 1870s. He was a charter member of the First Congregational Church of York, organized in May of 1872, and one of four trustees appointed when the city of York was incorporated on September 5, 1875. Also during the early 1870s, Bidwell served as a land agent for the Burlington and Missouri River Railroad. In this capacity he sold railroad land to incoming York County residents. By 1880 Frank and his wife, Maria, and children lived on a farm in Lockridge Township, York County. They were still there in 1885, when the value of their farm was listed at $10,000. The family was not in Nebraska when the census was taken in 1900.


This collection consists of one reel of microfilm containing fourteen volumes of manuscript material in one series: 1) Surveyor's Books, ca. 1871. Received by Frank A. Bidwell while he worked as land agent for the Burlington and Missouri River Railroad, these volumes are arranged by legal description, i.e. range, township, and section. A map is provided for each section showing topographical features, as well as narrative material describing soil, water and wood availability, and evaluations of the land.

This collection is available only on microfilm; the originals are not in the NSHS collections.


Series 1 - Surveyor's Books, ca. 1871

Reel 1

  1. Township 9, Range 1 West
  2. Township 10, Range 1 West
  3. Township 11, Range 1 West
  4. Township 12, Range 1 West
  5. Township 9, Range 2 West
  6. Township 10, Range 2 West
  7. Township 10, Ranges 2 and 3 West (partial)
  8. Township 11, Range 2 West
  9. Township 9, Range 3 West
  10. Township 10, Range 3 West
  11. Township 11, Range 3 West
  12. Township 12, Range 3 West
  13. Township 9, Range 4 West
  14. Township 10, Range 4 West



Bidwell, Franklin A.
Land agents
Land settlement
York County (Neb.)


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