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Handkerchief 7144-5 [dup 1]

Handkerchief (NSHS 7144-5[dup 1])

Diaphanous handkerchief with the hem doubled and sewn with blue thread. There is a butterfly motif in one corner. Attached card says: "Soeurs de la Charité de Saint Louis, ORPHELINAT de VANNES. (Morbihan)" "A nos bienfaiteurs, REMERCIEMENTS SINCÈRES." [Sisters of Charity of Saint Louis, Orphanage of Vannes, Morbihan. To our benefactors, SINCERE THANKS] 

Handkerchief 7144-95

Handkerchief (NSHS 7144-95)

Silk handkerchief with a red border and a stamped design in one corner with the Arc de Triomphe, Eiffel Tower, Sacre Coeur, Notre Dame, and Pantheon. Written on the design is "Souvenir de Paris."

Handkerchiefs 7144-5

Handkerchiefs (NSHS 7144-5)

Four linen handkerchiefs with small embroidered floral stem design in one corner. Folded together with attached tag that says: "Soeurs de la Charité de Saint Louis, ORPHELINAT de VANNES. (Morbihan)." "A nos bienfaiteurs, REMERCIEMENTS SINCÈRES." [Sisters of Charity of Saint Louis, Orphanage of Vannes, Morbihan. To our benefactors, SINCERE THANKS] 

Handkerchief 7144-10

Handkerchief (NSHS 7144-10)

Handkerchief with a scalloped red embroidered edge and floral pattern embroidered into four corners. Attached card says: "Soeurs de la Charité de Saint Louis. ORPHELINAT de VANNES. (Morbihan), A nos bienfaiteurs. REMERCIEMENTS SINCÈRES." [To our benefactors, sincere thanks.] 

Handkerchief 7144-13

Handkerchief (NSHS 7144-13)

Handkerchief with embroidered French and American flags. 

Handkerchief 7144-4

Handkerchief (NSHS 7144-4)

Diaphanous chiffon handkerchief with a small embroidered red flower in one corner. 


Handkerchief detail 7144-4

Handkerchief detail (above)

Handkerchief 7144-96

Handkerchief (NSHS 7144-96)

Handkerchief with the American, French, and British flags embroidered on one corner. 

Handkerchief detail 7144-96

Handkerchief detail (above)



Scarf 7144-84

Scarf (NSHS 7144-84)

Scarf with illustrations of castles and people in renaissance style clothing. In the corners it says: "Chantilly", "Azay-le Rideau", "Ussé", "Chenonceaux." In the center of the scarf it says: "Pierrefonds", "Chambord". 

Scarf 7144-81

Scarf (NSHS 7144-81)

Silk scarf that has a map and pictures of Lyon France. The map has street names and historic sites. There are also postcard style illustrations of important sites in Lyon. The major theme of the illustration is "Un Bonjour de Lyon", which is in script on a postcard illustration. There are a number of names of local historical personages in red around the border of the map, such as "Coysevox" "Mansard", "Louise Labé" and many more. The map features numerous sites such as "Perrache", "Les Brotteaux", "Parc de la Tête d'Or", "St. Rambert". In addition, there is a coat of arms. 

Scarf 7144-82

Scarf (NSHS 7144-82)

Silk scarf with a border of trophies, helmets, and drums. In the center is an illustration of an open book with a picture of an equestrian Napoleon and accompanying hussars. On the opposite page is a list of battles of that era. Inside the book it says: "HISTOIRE DE FRANCE Gloire à notre France éternelle!!! Gloire à ceux qui sont morts pour elle!!!" [History glory to our eternal France!, Glory to those who died for her!"] "Brisach, Arras, Marignan., RocroyFontenoy, Valmy Fleueus,LonatoArcole, Rivoli, Aboukir, Austerlitz, UlmWagram, LeipzigSolferino, Alger, Tafna..Caen, Strasbourg." Others partially covered by page marker.

More Personal Items


Evening bag open 7144-92

Evening bag (NSHS 7144-92)

Evening bag made of cardboard that is covered in fabric with a silvered thread overlay and a two part closure. The interior features double pockets on each side. There is writing inside that says: "Modèle Déposé, 0459 AS 7164". Strip of paper loose inside bag: "Evening Bag from Paris" Attached tag says: "G. Tiard, 23 Bd St. Martin, Paris

Evening bag, closed (right)

Evening bag 7144-92

Sandals 7144-17

Sandals (NSHS 7144-17)

Pair of child size woven yellow sandals with an inner sole of canvas stuffed with a cotton-like material. Attached card says: "Institut Médical, 7 Rue Arsène Leloup, Nantes." On the other side of the card it says: "Georgette F. âge réel- 10 ans _, âge mental- 6 ans _, quotient- 0,6.

Baby cap 7144-166

Baby cap (NSHS 7144-166)

Satin baby cap that is embroidered with a floral motif and decorated with small brown rectangular beads. Attached card says: "Ce bonnet est offert pour un Bebe Americain dont je desire connaitre le nom. J'ai confectionne ce bonnet. Je suis une grande mere de 77 ans. Mon epoux a 86 ans. Il est un des membre de l'equipage du bateau l'Isere qui a transporte la Statue de La Liberte a l'ile Br[?] a New-York. Il avait 19 ans. Notre reconnaissance et remerciements. Nous sommes sinistres et refugiesde Lorient a Vannes. 58 Avenue Victor-Hugo, Morbihan, France."

Mirror 7144-93

Mirror (NSHS 7144-93)

Cut glass or crystal mirror with beveled edges and etched floral designs. The handle appears to represent a woman's leg. Etched on the back of the mirror it says: "French Gratitude Train 1948." 

Travel case 7144-115

Travel case (NSHS 7144-115)

Leather travel case with a nickel clasp that contains two glass bottles with nickel caps and small glass stoppers. 

Travel case closed (right)

Travel case, closed 7144-115


Coin purse 7144-152

Coin purse, open 7144-152

Coin purse (NSHS 7144-152)

Plastic oval coin purse with a blue silk interior and separate closure for an extra interior pocket. The outside of the box features a silver oval ornament on one side and a silver, seashell shaped clasp. Inside the purse there are gold letters that say: "MAISON FENOUX," the street address is erased but "Paris" is visible.

Coin purse closed (left)

Wallet 7144-122

Wallet (NSHS 7144-122) 

Leather wallet with two half pockets and one leather divider. There is a pinecone motif on one side and the edges are lined with leather windings that go through holes. 

Wallet 7144-158

Wallet (NSHS 7144-158) 

Triple fold wallet or case with a stamped design along two borders and a plastic lining on the inside.

Pistol 7144-160

Pistol (NSHS 7144-160) 

Pocket-size pistol with an octagonal barrel. The top jaw from the hammer is missing. 

Cane 7144-111

Cane (NSHS 7144-111)

Wooden cane with a carved snake that is wound around the center of the shaft. The shaft is elaborately carved in addition to the snake with a mottled background and small flowers with colored beads in the center. The top has a carved knob that resembles a bud or pinecone. Carved into the shaft under the snake's head is: "ARGONNE 14 15 16". An attached tag says: "Envoi de [in ink] Emile Giot ancien combattant 1914-1918. 15 Rue de Ponehelts. Nice. M [in ink] à nos camarades-frères d'armes Américains anciens combattants de la grande guerre 1914-1918. Remis le 11 Novembre 1948" [Sent by Emile Giot, veteran of 1914-1918. 15 Rue de Ponehelts [?], Nice. Sent to our American comrade-brothers in arms from the great war of 1914-1918]. On the back of the tag it says: "avec son reconnaissant souvenir et celui de ses camarades de combat. [illegible] de la reconnaissance française, 11 Novembre 1948! (cane taillée et sculptée par un poilu, front d'Argonne, 1914-1915-1916)" [with thankful recognition and those of his comrades of combat [illegible] of French thanks, 11 Novembre 1948. (cane cut and shaped by a French soldier, Argonne front, 1914-16)]. 

Cane detail 1 7144-111

Cane, detail 1

Cane detail 2 7144-111

Cane, detail 2

Cane detail 3 7144-111

Cane, detail 3

Medal 7144-181

Medal, front  (NSHS 7144-181)

Medal with a depiction of a male head with a laurel wreath and French Republic letters on the obverse and a shield of trophies including a crown, crossed rifles, flags, and a star on the reverse. 

Medal back 7144-181

Medal, reverse (NSHS 7144-181)

On the back it says: "Medaille d'Honneur, Société Nationale de Tir des Communes de France". [Medal of Honor, Shooting Club of the Communes of France]. 

Pocket knife 7144-183

Pocket knife (NSHS 7144-183)

Pocket knife with plastic grips that says: "Chaussures Maison Modèle" [Model House Shoes]. 

Souvenir spoon 7144-120

Souvenir Spoon (NSHS 7144-120)

Silver souvenir spoon with the Reims coat of arms on the handle and an enameled painting of Reims Cathedral in the spoon bowl. 

Flag 7144-164 [dup 2]

Flag (NSHS 7144-164 [dup2])

French flag with two brass grommets. 




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