Grand Central Hotel (Plum Creek and Lexington, Neb.) [RG3971.AM]


RG3971.AM:  Grand Central Hotel (Plum Creek and Lexington, Neb.)

Records:  1886-1888
Plum Creek and Lexington, Dawson County, Neb.:  Hotel
Size:  1 volume on 1 reel of microfilm


The Grand Central Hotel of Plum Creek and Lexington, Dawson County, Nebraska, appears for the first time in the 1886 Nebraska State Gazetteer and Business Directory. Apparently the hotel served businessmen, as the Gazetteer claimed it offered "special inducements and the best accommodations to commercial men." The proprietors, C.C. Miller and C.L. Ervin, were also listed as land agents.

The 1888 Gazetteer shows the Grand Central Hotel as the most desirable accommodation in the area, saying, "The city has several hostelries, but the leading and best know is the Grand Central, an attractive house in every particular, under the capable management of G.D. Caley, Proprietor." The following year, 1890-1891, E.C. Van Horn was proprietor.

The Grand Central Hotel is listed for the last time in the 1890-1891 Gazetteer. Probably with the emergence of the other, newer hotels, such as Cornland and the Commercial, the dominance of the Grand Central Hotel ended. The building was mentioned briefly in a special issue of the Lexington Clipper and Dawson County Herald, May 23, 1939.


This collection consists of one reel of microfilm containing one ledger dating from 1886-1888. The ledger is a recording of accounts of the guests of the Grand Central Hotel in Plum Creek and Lexington, Dawson County, Nebraska. Included is the date or dates of occupancy by the guests, payment made, and for what service payment was made. An alphabetical index at the beginning of the volume shows the page number for each individual's account.

Note:  The Nebraska State Historical Society does not hold the original ledger. The ledger was loaned for microfilming by the Dawson County Historical Society.


Reel 1

  1. Grand Central Hotel ledger, 1886-1888



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