H.M. Judson [RG0953.AM]


RG0953.AM:  H.M. Judson

Diaries:  1862-1863
Size:  Two diaries


The collection consists of two diaries dating from 1862 and 1863. The first diary (original and typescript) by H.M. Judson dates from June 5 - October 15, 1862. The diary describes Judson's journey from Omaha, Nebraska to the gold rush areas along the Salmon and Snake Rivers of Idaho-Oregon Territories. The second diary (transcript only), kept by an unidentified writer, dates from May 14 - August 13, 1863 and describes a similar journey over the Oregon Trail. Entries from both diaries describe life in the wagon trains, the terrain encountered, and the passage of landmarks including Devil's Gate, Independence Rock, and Chimney Rock. Judson's diary mentions the trial of a man by the last name of "Redfield" at Fort Laramie. The diary also includes a list of the people in the wagon train and a song written by Judson.

Note:  The original "unidentified" writer's diary is held by the University of Oregon's Special Collections.


  1. H.M. Judson diary, 1862 (original)
  2. H.M. Judson diary, 1862 (transcript)
  3. Unidentified diary, 1863 (transcript)


Subject headings:

Dicky, Luther
Hileman, John C.
Howie, Neil
Judson, H.M.
Oregon Trail
Overland journeys


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