John Jackson Cozad [RG0918.AM]


RG0918.AM:  John Jackson Cozad, 1830-1906

Scrapbook:  1866-1956
Cozad, Dawson County, Nebraska and Atlantic City, New Jersey
Size:  One volume


John Jackson Cozad’s sons were John A., later known as Frank Sothern, and Robert Henry Cozad, later known as the artist Robert Henri. John Jackson Cozad became known as Robert Henry Lee when he lived in New Jersey.


The collection consists of a scrapbook containing photos and clippings about John Jackson Cozad and the Cozad family. Their life in Cozad, Nebraska, and Atlantic City, New Jersey, is the primary focus. Items in the scrapbook date between 1866 and 1956. Many of the clippings were written by Robert H. Gatewood, a relative of the Cozads. There are several items concerning Robert Henri, including clippings reprinting diary entries of his from May to November of 1880 while he was living in Cozad, Nebraska. His diary entries cover all subjects concerning Cozad and the people who lived there, his family and himself.

Note:  The Library contains various books about the history of Cozad, Robert Henri and the Cozad family.


Scrapbook, 1866-1956


Subject headings:

Allen, Harry B.
Artists -- United States
Atlantic City (New Jersey) -- History
Butler, Frank
Cozad (Nebraska) -- History
Cozad family
Cozad, John Jackson, 1830-1906
Cozad, Theresa (Gatewood), 1837-1923
Dawson County (Nebraska) -- History
Gamblers -- United States
Gatewood family
Gatewood, Robert H. 1885-1966
Henri, Robert, 1865-1929


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