Lynn Frederick Amis [RG5447.AM]


RG5447.AM:  Lynn Frederick Amis

Papers:  1970-2001
Omaha, Douglas County, Nebraska
Size:  2.5 cu.ft; 3 boxes


Born in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma in 1944, Lynn Frederick “Fred” Amis attended Culver Military Academy in Culver, Indiana.  He earned a B.S. in Business Administration from the University of Nebraska - Lincoln in 1967.  After graduation he went to work for his family’s business, Missouri Valley Machinery Company in Omaha.  He worked as a salesman, promotion manager, and eventually, as President of Marketing.  In 1983 the company was sold and Fred participated in the start-up of a cargo security company and a telemarketing company.  He then operated a consulting firm specializing in managing financially distressed and bankrupt companies.  In 1998 he returned to the University of Nebraska at Omaha to complete undergraduate requirements for teaching history.  He transferred to Arizona State University where he completed his Master of Arts degree in History in 2001.

Note: This background note is a condensed version taken from the “Biographical Sketch” located at the back of Amis’ thesis.


This collection consists of research compiled by Fred Amis for his 2001 M.A. thesis, A Tale of Two Dams: Environmentalism in Nebraska.  The materials relate to the North Loup Project and the proposed O’Neill Unit, two large water development projects on the North Loup and Niobrara rivers in Nebraska.  The collection includes copies of Amis’ completed thesis, interviews with various politicians and stakeholders, newspaper articles, government reports, correspondence, etc. dating from ca. 1970 to 2001.


Box 1

  1. A Tale of Two Dams:  Environmentalism in Nebraska by Lynn Frederick Amis, Master’s Thesis, Arizona State University, August 2001
  2. A Tale of Two Dams:  Environmentalism in Nebraska by Lynn Frederick Amis, Master’s Thesis, Arizona State University, August 2001 (copy 2)
  3. Interview transcripts:
    Jim Aucoin
    Robert Stowell
    Bob Warrick
    Robert Kerrey
    Joe Western
    Phil Karsting
    Jim Exon
    Virginia Smith
    John Cavanaugh
    Wes Sandall
    Doug Kuhre
    Burek Kuhre
    Franklin Egelhoff
    Ron Wolf & Don Hughs
    Vince Dreeszen
    Ron Klataske
  4. Interview tapes
  5. Interview tapes, cont.
  6. A Report prepared by the Honorable Doug Bereuter on the O’Neill Unit, Pick-Sloan Missouri River Basin Program, June, 1981
  7. Documents, 1980
  8. Documents, 1981
  9. Documents, 1982-1983
  10. Documents, 1984-1989
  11. Documents, 1990-1991
  12. Documents, 1992-1999
  13. Newspaper articles, 1970-1972
  14. Newspaper articles, 1973
  15. Newspaper articles, 1976
  16. Newspaper articles, 1977
  17. Newspaper articles, 1978
  18. Newspaper articles, 1979
  19. Newspaper articles, 1980
  20. Newspaper articles, 1981
  21. Newspaper articles, 1982
  22. Newspaper articles, 1983
  23. Newspaper articles, 1984
  24. Newspaper articles, 1985
  25. Newspaper articles, 1986
  26. Newspaper articles, 1987
  27. Newspaper articles, 1989
  28. Newspaper articles, 1990
  29. Newspaper articles, 1979-1981
  30. Newspaper articles, 1982-1989
  31. Newspaper articles, 1991-2000
  32. Newspaper articles, undated

Box 2

  1. Nebraska Water Resources Association (NWRA)
  2. Nebraska Water Resources Association (NWRA)
  3. Nebraska Water Resources Association (NWRA)
  4. Nebraska Water Resources Association (NWRA) - Donation
  5. Nebraska Water Resources Association (NWRA) articles of incorporation
  6. Meetings - Save the Niobrara
  7. Niobrara Symposium, 1981
  8. Alfred Drayton
  9. Audubon Society
  10. Position papers, misc. organizations
  11. Position papers, misc. organizations
  12. Legal - Court documents
  13. Report of Save the Niobrara River Association (SNRA), 1980
  14. Save the Niobrara River Association (SNRA) - Bureau of Reclamation
  15. Save the Niobrara River Association (SNRA) - Bruce Teichman
  16. Save the Niobrara River Association (SNRA) - EPA
  17. Save the Niobrara River Association (SNRA) - Finance
  18. Save the Niobrara River Association (SNRA) - Finance
  19. President Jimmy Carter
  20. Wes Sandall correspondence
  21. Canvasing - Nebraska Water Conservation Council
  22. Doug Bereuter
  23. Deauthorization, 1982-1983
  24. Thesis, government documents - found
  25. Thesis, government documents - pending
  26. North Loup history
  27. Maps and diagrams
  28. Scenic river designation
  29. Sources
  30. Sources
  31. Sources & ideas
  32. Timeline
  33. Ed Fogarty
  34. Pending interviews
  35. Bureau of Reclamation/Pick Sloan
  36. Nebraska Dam data

Box 3

  1. Norden court
  2. Court documents
  3. Court documents
  4. Court documents
  5. Water contracts - documents


Subject headings:

Amis, Lynn Frederick, 1944-
Nebraska -- History -- 20th century
Niobrara River (Wyo. and Neb.) -- Environmental conditions
Water resources development -- Environmental aspects -- Nebraska -- History


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