National League of American Pen Women, Inc. (Neb.) [RG1645.AM]


RG1645.AM:  National League of American Pen Women, Inc. (Neb.)

Records:  1948-1978
Lincoln, Lancaster County; and Chadron, Dawes County, Neb.:  Organization for women in the arts
Size:  1.25 cu. ft.


The National League of American Pen Women, Inc., was founded in Nebraska in 1950 by Mrs. Adele Nichols. The objective of the organization was to conduct and promote creative and educational activities in art, letters, and music among its members. A prospective member had to apply and meet pre-established requirements that showed her professional status in one of the three categories. For example, proof of exhibition, sale, or publication of works of art, writing, or musical composition would establish qualification for membership.

The first branch in Nebraska was named the Lincoln Branch because it was located in the capital city. Mrs. Nichols was appointed the first State President and served through 1950-1952. Though active at first, the Lincoln Branch was dissolved by 1959.

In November 1956 the National Board requested Mrs. Nichols to organize a branch in Chadron, Nebraska. On January 1, 1957, Mrs. Nichols was again appointed State President, and on February 1, 1957, the Chadron Branch received its Charter. Jessie Cowan Thompson was voted Branch President. By 1971, the organization had 23 qualified members. Many members traveled a great distance to attend meetings that were held once a month, except for the months of January, July and August. Absent members were sent a short newsletter covering the events and transactions of the meeting.


This collection consists of the records of the National League of American Pen Women in Nebraska. The records are arranged in three Subgroups: 1) National materials, 1948-1978; 2) Chadron Branch records, 1956-1978; and 3) Lincoln Branch records, 1950-1959.

Subgroup 2, the records of the Chadron Branch, are further divided into five series: 1) General records, 1952-1978; 2) Correspondence, 1956-1978; 3) Membership materials, 1972-1978; 4) Printed materials, 1957-1976; and 5) Miscellaneous materials.


Subgroup 1: National materials, 1948-1978

Box 1

  1. NLAPW National Roster, 1948-1952
  2. NLAPW National Roster, 1976-1978
  3. The Pen Women, 1949, 1952, 1953
  4. National Newsletter, n.d.
  5. Presidential Packet, 1951

Subgroup 2: Chadron Branch records, 1956-1978
Series 1 - General records, 1957-1978

Box 1

  1. Report of the State President, Oct. 25, 1957
  2. Chadron Branch History, 1967
  3. Chadron Branch History, 1970-1971
  4. By-laws, 1957
  5. Minutes, 1973-1978
  6. Chadron Branch Certificate, 1957

Series 2 - Correspondence, 1956-1978 and n.d.

Box 1

  1. 1956-1978
  2. Correspondence, n.d.

Series 3 - Membership, 1972-1978

Box 1

  1. Newsletter, 1972-1978
  2. Achievements, 1976-1978
  3. Installation Ceremony for Branch Members
  4. Rosters, 1972-1974

Series 4 - Printed materials, 1950-1976

Box 1

  1. Visions, 1957-1968
  2. Our Heritage, 1976
  3. Selected Poems of Hilda Black, 1966
  4. Seydell Quarterly, Summer 1958

Series 5 - Miscellaneous

Box 2

  1. Photograph, Charter members
  2. Vietnam Materials
  3. Clippings, 1972-1975
  4. Miscellaneous

Subgroup 3: Lincoln Branch records, 1950-1959

Box 2

  1. Bylaws
  2. Report of the President, 1957-1958
  3. Correspondence, 1950-1959
  4. Correspondence, n.d.
  5. Blossom Town Ad-Visor, by Zula Hall, 1950
  6. Miscellaneous



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