Nebraska State Agricultural Associations [RG1263.AM]


RG1263.AM:  Nebraska State Agricultural Associations

Program:  1907
Size:  One item


The collection consists of one item, a program for the sixth annual meeting of the Nebraska State Agricultural Associations held January 14-19, 1907, on the State Farm campus, Lincoln, Nebraska.  The program contains a listing of meetings of the various organizations comprising the Nebraska State Agricultural Associations.  Organizations represented include the Association of Agricultural Students, Nebraska Veterinary Medical Association, Nebraska State Board of Agriculture, Nebraska Dairymen's Association, Nebraska State Horticultural Society, Duroc-Jersey Breeders' Association, Woman's Department of Organized Agriculture, Nebraska Park and Forestry Association, Nebraska State Bee-Keepers' Association, Nebraska State Swine Breeders' Association, Nebraska State Poultry Association, Nebraska Corn Improvers' Association, Nebraska Shorthorn Breeders' Association, Nebraska Improved Live Stock Breeders' Association, Farmers' Institute, and the Nebraska Academy of Sciences.


Program, Sixth Annual Meeting of the Nebraska State Agricultural Associations held January 14-19, 1907, State Farm, Lincoln, Nebraska.


Subject headings:

Agricultural societies -- Nebraska
Association of Agricultural Students
Duroc-Jersey Breeders' Association
Farmers’ Institute
Nebraska Academy of Sciences
Nebraska Corn Improvers' Association
Nebraska Dairymen's Association
Nebraska Improved Live Stock Breeders' Association
Nebraska Park and Forestry Association
Nebraska Shorthorn Breeders' Association
Nebraska State Agricultural Associations
Nebraska State Bee-Keepers' Association
Nebraska State Board of Agriculture
Nebraska State Horticultural Society
Nebraska State Poultry Association
Nebraska State Swine Breeders' Association
Nebraska Veterinary Medical Association
Woman's Department of Organized Agriculture


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