Paul Hill, 1815-1895 [RG1088.AM]


RG1088.AM:  Paul Hill, 1815-1895

Papers:  1837-1839, 1868-1872, 1936
Nebraska:  Railroad conductor/engineer
Size:  One folder


The collection contains papers relating to the life and career of Paul Hill. The first part of the collection, consisting mainly of diary excerpts and correspondence with Lewis H. Sands, a military man, concerns the removal of Potawatomi Indians from Indiana to the Council Bluff Indian Agency at Bellevue, Nebraska in 1837. Hill was the assistant conductor at the time. Also included is correspondence dating from 1839 between L. Mason, D. Howell, and Paul Hill concerning the purchase of land in Racine, Wisconsin Territory.

The second part of the collection relates to the construction of the Burlington and Missouri River Railroad in Nebraska from Plattsmouth to Kearney during the years 1869-1873. Paul Hill and Thomas Doane were heavily involved in getting this built. Included in this part of the collection are contracts, business correspondence, and account book expenses for freight, salaries, etc. Some names of men who worked on the construction are mentioned. Also included are a few family letters with observations of Lincoln, Nebraska in 1870, as well as impressions of the Chicago Fire of 1871.

The last part of the collection consists of rough drafts of manuscripts written by Mabel Hill (Paul Hill's daughter) and D.R. Burleigh in 1936 for an article on Paul Hill for Nebraska History magazine.


"Paul Hill: Removal of the Potawatomi,"  Nebraska History, vol. 18, no. 1, p. 2-12.
"The Burlington First Main Line,"  Nebraska History, vol. 18, no. 1, p. 13-20.
"Paul Hill: Railroad Builder,"  Nebraska History, vol. 18, no. 1, p. 21-38.
Mabel Hill photo collection [RG4510]
Burlington and Missouri River Railroad in Nebraska [RG3508] (PDF)
Burlington and Missouri River Railroad. Railroad Structures [RG4064]
Thomas Doane collection [RG4354]

The Library also contains numerous publications, maps, etc. relating to the Burlington and Missouri River Railroad in Nebraska.


Subject headings:

Bellevue (Nebraska) -- History
Burleigh, David Robert
Burlington and Missouri River Railroad
Council Bluff Indian Agency (Bellevue, Nebraska)
Doane, Thomas, 1821-1897
Hill Family
Hill, Mabel, 1864-1957
Hill, Paul, 1815-1895
Indians of North America -- Relocation
Kearney (Nebraska) -- History
Plattsmouth (Nebraska) -- History
Potawatomi Indians -- Relocation
Railroad companies -- Nebraska
Railroad construction and maintenance
Railroads -- Nebraska
Sands, Lewis H.


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