Samuel F. Sanders [RG4421.AM]


RG4421.AM:  Samuel F. Sanders, 1845-1926

Papers:  1871-1925
Holdrege, Phelps County, Nebraska:  Physician
Size: 1.0 cu.ft.; 2 boxes


In May 1864, S.F. Sanders enlisted in the 137th Illinois Infantry Reg., and served one year, eight months of which he was a prisoner of war.  He attended college after the war, and in February 1868, he received his M.D. degree from the College of Physicians and Surgeons at Keokuk, Iowa.  Sanders may also have attended Cornell University in New York.  In January 1878, he was licensed to practice medicine in the state of Illinois, at which time he was a resident of Sciota, McDonough Co., Illinois.  He remained in Illinois at least until 1884, but by 1887, he was paying taxes in Phelps County (Holdrege), Nebraska.  In addition to his medical practice, Dr. Sanders also had investments in properties in Adams, Furnas, Hitchcock, and Phelps counties.  Dr. Samuel Sanders died on September 9, 1926 and was buried in Prairie Home Cemetery, Holdrege, Nebraska.


This collection consists of two manuscript boxes of material arranged in six series:  1) Correspondence, 1881, 1916 and 1919; 2) Financial records-medical practice, 1871-1913; 3) Financial records-land investments and personal, 1876-1925; 4) Printed matter; 5) Miscellany; and 6) Scrapbook.

The bulk of this collection consists of Dr. Sanders’ financial records.  Series 2 relates to his medical practice, being a record of calls, services performed, and charges over the period, 1871-1913.  Series 3 consists of legal paper, deeds, mortgages, tax receipts, and the like showing Sanders’ land investment activities in Adams, Furnas, Hitchcock, and Phelps Counties, Nebraska, from 1876-1925.


Series 1 - Correspondence, 1881, 1916 and 1919
Box 1

  1. Correspondence, 1881, 1916 and 1919

Series 2 - Financial records (Medical practice), 1871-1913

  1. Ledger, 1871-1873
  2. Ledger, 1875-1883
  3. Daybook and ledger, 1884-1894
  4. Ledger, 1906-1911
  5. Daybook, 1910-1913

Box 2

  1. Daybook and ledger, 1911-1913

Series 3 - Financial records (Land investments and personal), 1876-1925

  1. Abstracts of title, 1888-1890
  2. Warranty deeds, 1889-1915
  3. Mortgages, extensions and releases, 1886-1919
  4. Tax receipts, 1876-1925
  5. Stock certificates:  Shares #105, 106 in the Holdrege Manufacturing Co., September 1889; shared #10,29 in the Holdrege Auditorium Assoc., 1916
  6. Pension application and information
  7. Unsorted receipts, redemption certificates, and contracts

Series 4 - Printed matter

  1. War Clauses and Regulations of Legal Reserve Life Insurance Companies Operating in the United States, New York National Underwriter Co., 1917
    Nebraska Classified Land Values for 1913, Lincoln, Nebraska, Woodruff Bank Note Co., 1914 reprint from 1913 Report on the Nebraska State Railway Commission
    Nine pamphlets giving actuarial information, all printed between 1900-1925

Series 5 - Miscellany

  1. Certificate of graduation
    Bulletin from the Cornell University College of History and Political Science, Graduate Course, c.1882
    Statistics of the Class of 1873, Cornell University

Series 6 - Scrapbook

  1. Mostly announcements and invitations relating to Cornell University and Chi Phi fraternity, c.1874


Subject headings:

Holdrege (Nebraska) -- History
Land -- Nebraska
Phelps County (Nebraska) -- History
Physicians -- Nebraska
Sanders, Samuel F., 1845-1926


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