William Robert (Bob) Wickersham [RG5370.AM]


RG5370.AM:  William Robert (Bob) Wickersham

Papers:  1991-2002
Harrison, Neb.:  State senator (District 49)
Size:  142.5 cu. ft., 144 boxes


Born in Lusk, Wyoming on October 22, 1948, William Robert "Bob" Wickersham grew up on a ranch in northern Sioux County, Nebraska. He attended Sioux County High School in Harrison, Nebraska and then went on to receive B.S. and B.A degrees from Creighton University and a J.D. from the University of Nebraska School of Law. In 1977 he returned to Harrison, Nebraska and began working as an attorney in private practice. Wickersham also served in the Nebraska National Guard, worked as the Deputy Sioux County Attorney, and was a member of the Harrison Volunteer Fire Department.

Appointed to the state legislature in January 1991 to succeed Sandra Scofield (who he later married on September 30, 1995), Bob Wickersham was elected in 1992 and re-elected in 1996. Senator Wickersham served on the Transportation and Judiciary Committees as well as the Nebraska Retirement Systems and Education Committees. He served as Chair of the Revenue Committee and as Commissioner of the Education Commission of States. On May 1, 2002, Governor Johanns appointed Wickersham as a member of the Nebraska Tax Equalization and Review Commission. Wickersham became chairman of the commission in 2004.

Wickersham was also a member of the Nebraska Bar Association and the American Bar Association. He served as secretary of the Sioux County Historical Society and as vice president of the Sioux County Agricultural Society. Wickersham received a number of awards and citations during his service in the state legislature, including the Nebraska Rural Development Commissionís ìChampion of Educationî award in 1997, the Nebraska State Education Associationís ìFriend of Educationî award in 1998, and the 1999 Frank Morrison Award for his efforts towards Nebraska tourism.


This collection consists of the legislative papers of Senator Wickersham. The collection contains 144 boxes of materials arranged in four series: 1) Correspondence; 2) Special Topics; 3) Subject Files; and 4) Legislative Bills and Resolutions.

Series 1 contains correspondence from 1992-2002 including letters from constituents, staff members and other senators, as well as invitations to various functions and events and thank you letters. The first four boxes of correspondence are generally grouped by year, but no further efforts have been made to further organize the materials chronologically. Boxes five and six contain correspondence from constituents.

Series 2 consists of twelve boxes of Special Topics materials. Because these topics were not part of the original list of subject files supplied by Senator Wickershamís office, and there were a significant amount of materials for each topic, it was decided to assign these materials to their own series. The topics covered include Decentralized Study, Emergency Management System, Railroads, and Retirement.

Series 3 consists of 28 boxes of subject files maintained by Senator Wickershamís staff. Some of the subjects include abortion, agriculture, distance learning, judicial retention, Panhandle Community Services, schools, telecommunications, and water issues. The subject files are arranged alphabetically, but it should be noted that similar subjects may be found in several files throughout the collection (abortion, fetal tissue, fetal cell research, etc.). The inventory listing the subject files merely shows the subjects represented in each box. Many of the subjects are composed of more than one file folder.

Series 4 makes up the majority of the collection. It is composed of 98 boxes of legislative bills and resolutions. The files are arranged first by year and then by the bill or resolution number.


Series 1 - Correspondence

Box 1: 1992-2000
Box 2: 2000-2001
Box 3: 2001-2002
Box 4: 2002, undated
Box 5: Constituents
Box 6: Constituents

Series 2 - Special Topics

Box 7: Decentralized Study
Box 8: Emergency Management System (EMS)
Box 9: Emergency Management System (EMS)
Box 10: Railroads
Box 11: Railroads
Box 12: Retirement Bills, 1991-1992
Box 13: Retirement Bills, 1991-1992
Box 14: Retirement Bills, 1992-1994
Box 15: Retirement Bills, 1995
Box 16: Retirement Bills, 1996; Retirement Committee transcripts, 1994
Box 17: Retirement Committee transcripts, 1995-1996
Box 18: Retirement Committee, Misc.

Series 3 - Subject Files

Box 19

Ability to Pay for Services
Accretion Lands
Accountability & Disclosure
ACTEN Workshop
Agate Fossil Beds
Agriculture (crops, agencies, etc.)

Box 20

Agriculture (crops, agencies, etc.)
Agriculture - general
Agricultural Land Valuation
Alcohol/Drug Abuse
Alzheimer's Association
American Cancer Society
American Dental Association
American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC)
American Red Cross
Americans with Disabilities Act
Ammons, Marvin
Anti-Drug Abuse
Arbor Day
Area Mail Processing

Box 21

Arrow Bus Lines
Arts Council, Nebraska
Assessed Values
Attorney General
Back to School Day
Banking, Commerce & Insurance
Bankruptcy Legislation
Banner County FSA
Beet Hauling
Behavioral Health
Bidding Procedures
Blue Ribbon Coalition
Board of Regents
Boys Town
Box Butte Development
Box Butte Red Cross Benefit Auction
Business in Nebraska

Box 22

Cable TV
Campaign Finance Limitations
Catalog Sales Tax
Central NE Public Power & Irrigation District
Chadron State College
Chamber Automation
Chambers, Ernie

Box 23

Charter Schools
Child: care, abuse, support, health insurance, Head Start Program, etc.
Childrenís Day
Christmas Greetings (Newspaper), 2001
Cigarette Taxes
Civil Defense
Class I Lawsuit
Class Iís United
Clergymen from District #49
Commission on Local Government Innovation and Restructuring
Community Action

Box 24

Community Action of Nebraska, Inc.
Community Colleges
Community Development Corp.
Community Development Week: Chadron
Computer Services Interim Study
Concerns of Police Survivors (COPS)
Conference calls
Constitution Revision Commission
Coordinating Commission for Postsecondary Education
County Attorneys
County Profiles
Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA)
Crawford Fish Hatchery

Box 25

Crawford Flood
Creighton University
Crime Packages
Dawes County: property values
Death Penalty
Dental Association
Developmental Disabilities
Discrimination (racial, sexual, etc.)
Distance Learning
Domestic Violence
Early Childhood Brain Development
Economic Development
EduCable System

Box 26

Education - general
Education Association, Nebraska State
Education Commission of the States (ECS)

Box 27

Education Committee
Education Committee Tour, 1997
Education Service Unit (ESU)
Education Task Force
Election Contest, 1991
Elections, 1998
Electronic Commerce
Elk & Deer (CWD)
Emergency Management Agency
Energy (issues, agencies, etc.)
Energy Officeís Policy Advisory Board
Environmental - issues and agencies
Equalization Board
Ethanol (Minnesota study)
Ethanol Board
Excellence in Education Council
Executive Committee

Box 28

Extension Service
Family: preservation & support
Family Range Camp
Farm Bureau
Federal Issues
Feed lot/confinement feeding
Feng, Ying
Fetal Tissue
Fetal Cell Research
Fires in Panhandle, 2000
5 State Conference
Food Stamps
Football tickets

Box 29

Fort Robinson
Fossil Preservation
Foster Care: review board & parents
4-H Youth Club
4-R Act (8th Circuit)
Four State Legislative Conference
Franklin Committee
Freitag, Kyla
Fuel Tax
Gambling (Indian)
Game Farms

Box 30

Game & Parks Commission
Gastroenteritis outbreak at Capitol
General Affairs Committee
Geographic Educators of Nebraska
Geographic Information Systems
Gering Courier
Goals 2000
Government Efficiency
Government, Military, & Veterans Affairs Committee
Greater Nebraska Schools Association
Green Thumb
Handi-Man Program
Hanson, James
Haynes, Mark
Health & Human Services (Dept. of)

Box 31

Health Care (doctors, nurses, etc.)
Herman, Dick
Highway Information
Historical Society
Hobby Boiler Owners
Home-based Businesses
Homestead Exemption
Homestead House
Housing Community
Human Resources
Initiative 300
Initiative 413

Box 32

Initiative 413
Initiative 414
Initiative Petition, 1998
Internet Sites
Interstate Sales & Use Tax Act
Jaksha Group (Ed Jaksha)
Judicial Retention

Box 33

Kansas vs. Nebraska
Law Enforcement
Leadership Chadron
Leadership Scottsbluff
Legislative Academy for Youth
Legislative Information
Legislative Salary
Liquor: sales, abuse, Coop, etc.
Liquor Control Commission
Livestock Waste Control Facilities
Low Level Nuclear Waste
Marsh, Elaine
Martin Luther Home

Box 34

Milken Family
Minimum Wage
Motor Vehicles
Motorcycle Helmet Safety
National Conference of State Legislators
National Guard information
Native American Education
Native Americans
Natural Resources
Nebraska vs. Wyoming

Box 35

Nebraska Advocacy Services
Nebraska Association of Area Agencies on Aging
Nebraska Association of County Officials (NACO)
Nebraska Boy's Ranch
Nebraska Capitol Forum
Nebraska Catholic Conference
Nebraska Chamber of Commerce
Nebraska Christian Educators Association
Nebraska Coalition for Victims of Crime
Nebraska Commission on the Status of Women
Nebraska Community Improvement Program
Nebraska Corn Growers Association
Nebraska Crime Commission
Nebraska Federation of Catholic School Parents
Nebraska Head Start Association
Nebraska Investment Council
Nebraska Online
Nebraska Optimetric Association
Nebraska Power Review Board
Nebraska Public Service Commission
Nebraska Retail Federation
Nebraska Rural Development Commission
Nebraska Senior Service Corp. Program
Nebraska Student Vote, 2000
Nebraska Tax Research Council
Nebraska Wheat Board
Newspaper clippings
Northwest Nebraska Network Group
Notes to the 49th
Omaha Chamber of Commerce
Omaha City Council
Omaha World Herald
Ostrander, Cash
Page duties
Panhandle Community Services
Panhandlers Luncheon
Partnership Project

Box 36

Peru State College
Plains Inn Convention Center
Planned Parenthood
Population of Municipalities
Pork Producers Association
Prairie Dogs
Press Releases
Prisons, Box Butte Co.
Prisons, Privatization
Prisons, Scotts Bluff Co.

Box 37

Program Review & Evaluation
Property Tax
Public Employees Retirement Board
Public Radio
Redistricting 2000
Region I
Research & Development Authority
Research Information
Retail Wheeling

Box 38

Revenue Committee
Ride the Ridge
Road Signs
Roads (Dept. of)
Rural Air Service Conference
Rural Childrenís Caucus

Box 39

Rural Development
Rural Development Commission
Rural Electric
Rural Enterprise Assistance
Rural Health
Rural Polls

Box 40

Sales Tax
Sandoz, Mari
School Boards
School at the Center
School Consolidation
School for the Deaf
School - District 49
School Finance
School Lands
School Lunch Programs
School Technology
School Tour Information

Box 41

Schools - Omaha Public
Schools - all other
Scottsbluff Law Enforcement
Seat Belts
Secretary of State
Seidel, Nathan
Senators - letters of request, support, etc.
Sexual Harassment
Smith Lake Road
Solid Waste

Box 42

Special Care Providers Regulations
Special Education
Special Session, 1991
Staff Reduction Incentives
State Aid to District 49
State Liability
Supreme Court
Surplus Property
Tax Exempt Taxation

Box 43

Tax Issues
Tax Equalization & Review Commission (TERC)
Tax Seminar Information
Taxes, Intangibles
Teen Pregnancy

Box 44

Term Limits
309 Taskforce
Town Hall Meetings
Transportation Committee
Transportation Enhancement Program
Trauma Network Systems
Turkey Hunt (Governorís Annual)
Underground Storage Tank Program
United States Senators

Box 45

University of Nebraska

  1. UNL
    • Public Policy Center
  2. UNO
  3. UNK

Uranium Mining
US West
Veterans Issues (hospitals, cemeteries, healthcare, etc.)
Volunteer Firefighters
Volunteer Firefighters - retirement
Voter Registration (Cherry Co.)
Voting Records
Water (council, issues, agencies, etc.)

Box 46

Water (council, issues, agencies, etc.)
Western Nebraska Site Information
Western Sugar Tour
White Clay, NE
Wilderness Camp
Worker Training Program
Youth Services
Zlomke, Richard

Series 4 - Legislative Bills and Resolutions

Box 47: 1991-1992, LB0001-0209; LRs
Box 48: 1991-1992, LB0213-0425
Box 49: 1991-1992, LB0427-0643
Box 50: 1991-1992, LB0644-0854
Box 51: 1991-1992, LB0872-1190
Box 52: 1991-1992, LB1192-1287
Box 53: 1992, Special Session
Box 54: 1993-1994, LB0001-0098
Box 55: 1993-1994, LB0099-0199
Box 56: 1993-1994, LB0200-0289
Box 57: 1993-1994, LB0290-0344
Box 58: 1993-1994, LB0345-0420
Box 59: 1993-1994, LB0421-0457
Box 60: 1993-1994, LB0458-0540
Box 61: 1993-1994, LB0540-0629
Box 62: 1993-1994, LB0630-0694
Box 63: 1993-1994, LB0695-0749
Box 64: 1993-1994, LB0745-0829
Box 65: 1993-1994, LB0830-0902
Box 66: 1993-1994, LB0903-0974
Box 67: 1993-1994, LB0975-1074
Box 68: 1993-1994, LB1075-1184
Box 69: 1993-1994, LB1185-1276
Box 70: 1993-1994, LB1278-1361
Box 71: 1993-1994, LR0002-0365
Box 72: 1993-1995, LBs
Box 73: 1993-1995, LBs
Box 74: 1995-1996, LB0001-0019; LRs
Box 75: 1995-1996, LB0020-0099
Box 76: 1995-1996, LB0100-0182
Box 77: 1995-1996, LB0183-0265
Box 78: 1995-1996, LB0266-0367
Box 79: 1995-1996, LB0372-0424
Box 80: 1995-1996, LB0425-0503
Box 81: 1995-1996, LB0504-0577
Box 82: 1995-1996, LB0578-0654
Box 83: 1995-1996, LB0655-0751
Box 84: 1995-1996, LB0752-0839
Box 85: 1995-1996, LB0840-0889
Box 86: 1995-1996, LB0890-0926; LR1-65CA; LR276CA-312CA
Box 87: 1995-1996, LB0906-1027
Box 88: 1995-1996, LB1028-1068
Box 89: 1995-1996, LB1069-1176
Box 90: 1995-1996, LB1177-1274
Box 91: 1995-1996, LB1275-1389
Box 92: 1997-1998, LB0001-0125
Box 93: 1997-1998, LB0126-0225
Box 94: 1997-1998, LB0226-0299
Box 95: 1997-1998, LB0300-0360
Box 96: 1997-1998, LB0361-0405
Box 97: 1997-1998, LB0406-0499
Box 98: 1997-1998, LB0500-0590
Box 99: 1997-1998, LB0591-0700
Box 100: 1997-1998, LB0701-0788
Box 101: 1997-1998, LB0789-0806
Box 102: 1997-1998, LB0807-0891
Box 103: 1997-1998, LB0892-0989
Box 104: 1997-1998, LB0990-1085
Box 105: 1997-1998, LB1086-1152
Box 106: 1997-1998, LB1153-1208
Box 107: 1997-1998, LB1209-1280
Box 108: 1997-1998, LB1281-1362
Box 109: 1999-2000, LB0001-0087
Box 110: 1999-2000, LB0088-0178
Box 111: 1999-2000, LB0179-0271
Box 112: 1999-2000, LB0272-0391
Box 113: 1999-2000, LB0382-0464
Box 114: 1999-2000, LB0485-0564
Box 115: 1999-2000, LB0565-0655
Box 116: 1999-2000, LB0656-0752
Box 117: 1999-2000, LB0753-0818
Box 118: 1999-2000, LB0819-0883
Box 119: 1999-2000, LB0884-0981
Box 120: 1999-2000, LB0982-1098
Box 121: 1999-2000, LB1099-1197
Box 122: 1999-2000, LB1198-1298
Box 123: 1999-2000, LB1299-1405
Box 124: 1999-2000, LB1406-1449; LRs & Special Session
Box 125: 2001-2002, LB0001-0089
Box 126: 2001-2002, LB0090-0171
Box 127: 2001-2002, LB0172-0242
Box 128: 2001-2002, LB0243-0321
Box 129: 2001-2002, LB0322-0397
Box 130: 2001-2002, LB0399-0462
Box 131: 2001-2002, LB0463-0535
Box 132: 2001-2002, LB0536-0619
Box 133: 2001-2002, LB0620-0657
Box 134: 2001-2002, LB0658-0747
Box 135: 2001-2002, LB0748-0826
Box 136: 2001-2002, LB0827-0916
Box 137: 2001-2002, LB0917-1033
Box 138: 2001-2002, LB1034-1120
Box 139: 2001-2002, LB1121-1209
Box 140: 2001-2002, LB1210-1310
Box 141: Misc. LBs
Box 142: Misc. LBs
Box 143: Misc. LBs
Box 144: Misc. LRs


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