Paper Lab

Our Paper Lab has helped both individuals and organizations preserve their histories by caring for, preserving, and treating their precious artifacts.

Our past work includes everything from fantastic works of art, pieces of historical importance, and beloved personal objects.

We have treated:
  • Watercolors
  • Drawings
  • Prints
  • Maps
  • Birth certificates and family records
  • Albumen and silver gelatin photographs
  • Books and family Bibles

In addition to the History Nebraska collections, we have worked with many museums, university libraries, and private clients. Anyone wanting to discuss a project or get some artifact preservation advice is encouraged to contact us.

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Hilary LeFevere
Paper Conservator

Century-Old Swedish Murals Restored

It was a challenge, but we helped the Wikel family preserve their grandfather's 116-year-old oil landscape paintings.

Ledger drawing illustrations from the diary.

Native American Ledger Art Restoration (Part One) (Part Two)

142 years can put a lot of wear and tear on a leather-bound diary. We fixed it up and preserved both the original diary entries and the Native American art within.

Before Treatment Photo showing losses, tears and soot damage.

Pre-treatment photo showing losses, tears and soot damage.

"The Artist" Rises From the Ashes

When a fire damaged Omahan Lila Vamosi's drawing "The Artist," she came to us to restore it. Although it still shows some scars, they now serve to tell a new story.

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