Archaeology Trunk

The Archaeology Trunk helps teachers show their students how to study human history in an entirely new way.

The information in this trunk serves as an introduction to the study of archaeology, with information on fundamentals as well as fun and interesting hands-on activities.


Trunk contents include:

  • Instructional Information
    • Teacher's handbook
    • Overhead transparency notebook
    • Nebraska archaeology overview: CD with a script
    • Brochure envelope
    • Archaeology in the Classroom and Fundamentals in Archaeology
    • Faces magazine "Archaeology: Finding the Past"
    • Road Map of Nebraska
    • Video: Assault on Time
    • Nebraska Trailblazer 27: Archaeology
  • Artifacts (with diagrams)
    • Paleoindian artifacts
    • Plains Archaic artifacts
    • Plains Woodland artifacts
    • Central Plains artifacts
    • Post-Contact artifacts
  • Books
    • The Cellars of Time
    • From Map to Museum
    • Motel of Mysteries
    • The Practical Archaeologist
    • State Archaeological Education Programs
  • Excavation Equipment
    • Trowels
    • Paintbrushes
    • Tape measures
    • Stakes

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