Bison Trunk

The Bison Trunk offers educators the opportunity to explore the story of the bison that once roamed the Plains. Photographs, Bison hide and horn, and educational materials can bring this period to life in your classroom.

Trunk contents include: 

  • Instructional Information
    • Binder with lessons, coloring sheets, handouts, worksheets, etc.
    • Jump drive with lessons, coloring sheets, handouts, worksheets, PowerPoints, and additional resources.
  • Objects
    • Bison hide
    • Bison horn
    • Book - Return of the Buffaloes by Paul Goble with accompanying directions for "Making a Parfleche."
    • Mounted photo of a Winter Count (description on back).
  • Games
    • Pebble patterns.
    • Bison Facts game + bell

Interested in checking out this trunk? Contact Sharon Kennedy, Curator of Education for more information

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