Fur Trade Trunk

The Fur Trade Trunk helps teachers give their students a deeper understanding of one of the lucrative and impactful North American Fur Trade. The items and information included in the trunk serve as a way to allow educators to explore a common topic in post-Columbian American history in a more in-depth and hands-on way.

Trunk contents include: 

  • Instructional Information
    • Binder with fur trade information.
    • Indian Sign Language by William Tomkins
    • Animal tracks flash cards
  • Maps
    • 1820 Stephen Long map: 1 large, 1 small
    • Fur Trade territory map
    • Nebraska physical map
  • Objects
    • Beaver pelt
    • Beaver tooth
    • Imitation eagle feathers
    • Muskrat pelt
  • Trade goods
    • Woolen trade blanket
    • Samples of period cloth
    • Sugar piccone
    • Thimble
    • Bells
    • Trade ax
    • Silver cross
    • Red beads
    • Metal arrow point
    • Vermillion (Chinese writing on powder pack)
    • Trade mirror
    • Bag of black beads
    • Bag of blue beads
    • Clay pipe

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