Summer Kids Camps

The Nebraska History Museum is excited to offer a round of fun and educational camps this summer. There's no better way for your children to go beyond the textbook and get a fun hands-on historical education while school is out.

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A Day in the Life of a Pioneer Child

June 7
$35 ($30 for NSHS members)

Spend a day like a pioneer child. Bring a pioneer lunch and wear pioneer clothes. Build a town. Learn to write with a quill pen in a one-room schoolhouse. Play pioneer games and make pioneer toys.


Etiquette for the Proper Victorian Lady

June 13
$15 ($12 for NSHS members)

Meet at and tour the Thomas P Kennard House. Practice greetings and introductions, learn etiquette and play games of the Victorian Era (1837-1901). Wear a costume of the era or try on Victorian-era clothing.


Quilts and Other Ways Pioneers Recycled

June 28
$15 ($12 for NSHS members)

Discover the innovative spirit of the pioneers through repurposed materials. Admire early quilts from the museum's collection, make a rag rug or a belt with recycled materials.


Lewis and Clark Playful Puppets

July 19 or July 20.
$15 ($12 for NSHS members)

Learn about Captains Meriwether Lewis and William Clark, make puppets and role play some of the exciting adventures they experienced.


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