The Nebraska History Museum's educational trunks offer educators a special resource to provide their students with a unique hands-on history experience.

School teachers may check out a trunk for two weeks. ESUs may check out for two months to circulate to several schools. Pick up and return to Nebraska History Museum or pay for shipping both ways. Schools are responsible for lost or stolen items.

Archaeology Trunk

Give your students a special introduction to Archaeology with hands-on activities, artifacts, and information on our Highway Archaeology program.

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World War 2 Trunk

Photos, artifacts, and hands-on activities provide excellent supplementary material to World War 2 lessons.

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Fur Trade Trunk

Introduce students to the Nebraska fur trade with pelts, maps, trade goods, and more.

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Pastimes and Playthings Trunk

Give your students the opportunity to play as children used to with multiple games and toys, including thaumatropes and a zoetrope.

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Civil War Trunk

Pictures, lesson plans, and Civil War-era clothes will allow for an in-depth dive into an important time in our history.

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Bison Trunk

Teach your students about the bison that once roamed the Plains with lesson plans, games, and hands-on activities.

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