World War 2 Trunks

The World War 2 trunk helps teachers dive deeper into this incredibly important historical topic. The photos, artifacts and hands-on activities will give students a deeper understanding of the war's effects nationwide and on Nebraska specifically.

In fact, our World War 2 trunk contains so much that we actually had to split it in two! When you reserve this trunk, you will be receiving two trunks that combine to help tell the story of this pivotal time in our history.

Trunk contents include:

  • Instructional Information
    • WWII lesson plans
    • Nebraska History: What Did You Do in the War?
    • WWII 101: An Overview
    • WWII Resources
  • Items and Uniforms of Raymond Dale Chapman
    • WWII Navy jumpers
    • WWII Navy bell bottom pants
    • Binder: Information about Raymond Dale Chapman, WWII Navy Sailor
    • Shadow box with ribbons, ID bracelet, tie clip, Dale's Navy ring, and four photos
  • William Wagner items
    • Shadow box containing WWII Army medals, other miscellaneous items.
  • Other
    • Laminated Nebraska Maps
    • Set of 4 dry erase markers
    • Bingo chips
    • Mounted photos
    • War Ration Book
    • WWII Army Ike Jacket
    • Posters
    • American Family of the 1940s Paper Dolls
    • World War II: When Men, Women, and Children Saved the World

Interested in checking out this trunk? Contact Sharon Kennedy, Curator of Education for more information

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