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State Historic Preservation Office

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Lincoln NE 68508-1651


402-471-4787 or 1-800-833-6747


Trevor Jones, Director / SHPO


Jill Dolberg, Deputy SHPO, Review and Compliance Coordinator




Kelli Bacon, CLG Coordinator, Preservation Archivist




David Calease, National Register of Historic Places Coordinator, Historic Markers Coordinator




Patrick Haynes, Nebraska Historic Resources Survey and Inventory Coordinator




Ryan Reed, Tax Incentive Coordinator




John Rissetto, Archeology Review and Compliance/Archeology Survey Coordinator



Our goal is to nurture a preservation ethic in Nebraska. The State Historic Preservation Plan completed every 5 years with input from Nebraskans guides our work. This plan can also help governments, preservation organizations, private individuals, and other stakeholders with their preservation work.

Goals are:

  • rural and community development
  • identification and assessment of the state's cultural resources
  • funding, incentives, and legislation  to support preservation
  • outreach and education.

The State Historic Preservation Office helps communities preserve historic resources that tell their community’s stories. We advocate for historic preservation to help promote economic development, community planning, tourism, environmental sensitivity, and land-use planning. Our staff conducts public meetings and workshops.


We can provide information to teachers to help them connect their students with their local history and expand their critical thinking skills. The National Park Service's Teaching with Historic Places offers online resources. The NPS Historic Preservation Junior Ranger Activity Book is for kids aged seven and up.


Contact us to schedule a public outreach opportunity.

The State Historic Preservation Office is party to covenants and easements on historic properties throughout Nebraska that may help ensure their preservation. Covenants may include provisions for building maintenance and/or use; may cover building exteriors, interiors or both; and may apply to landscape features.

Listing on the National Register of Historic Places does not require a covenant.

The Nebraska State Historic Preservation Office Review Board meets three times a year. Its primary duty is to approve nominations to the National Register of Historic Places. The Board also approves the Nebraska State Historic Preservation Office's annual work plan and its statewide historic preservation plan completed every 5 years.

Review Board Members:

Trevor Jones, State Historic Preservation Officer, Nebraska State Historical Society Director/CEO

Kim Elder, Nebraska State Historical Society President

Jinny Turman (term expires 2018)

John Kay (term expires 2018)

Barry Jurgensen (term expires 2018)

Betty Mapes (term expires 2019)

LuAnn Wandsnider (term expires 2019)

Shelley McCafferty (term expires 2019)

Bob Hanover (term expires 2019)

Roger Slosson (term expires 2020)

Phil Geib (term expires 2020)

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