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The History Nebraska Reference team will contact you within five business days to review your request and let you know how long we anticipate the research will take. You have ten business days to confirm fulfillment of the request for the cost and time estimated by History Nebraska.

Research requests are answered in the order in which they are received. We do not accept phone research requests.

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NSHS is working hard to make our collections available online. Have you tried searching in our online catalog?

Tried the online catalog and still didn’t find the image(s) you are looking for? That’s okay. Our online catalog is a work in progress and does not contain every image in our collection. Please briefly describe the type of image(s) you are looking for and our Photo Reference Staff will contact you with suggestions.

How do you intend to use the image(s)?

Fees for the Use of Still Images: No use fee is charged for reference copies, personal research/enjoyment, for use by teachers or students for class instruction or assignments, or for use by Nebraska local news media. Otherwise, use of still images is charged according to fees based on COMMERCIAL or NON-COMMERCIAL characteristics, defined thus:

  • Non-Commercial Use: Use by non-profit entities (proof of non-profit status, certified by the IRS, is required), public broadcasters, accredited educational institutions and their departments (including academic presses), and government entities.
  • Commercial Use: Use in a profit-making venture.

For additional information about permissions, please see our Use Policy.

By accepting the copy of copies of materials from the collections of the Nebraska State Historical Society you are agreeing to abide by the following:

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