Storage Methods for Ethnographic Collections

Support Trays for Ethnographic Collections

Storage conditions have long been recognized by museum professionals as important factors in the long term survival of artifacts. Although all materials deteriorate over time, stable environment, controlled lighting, careful handling, and the use of appropriate housing materials are strategies developed to slow the rate of degradation.

The housings shown in the following PDF documents were developed by Jessica Waite and Tina Koeppe with assistance from the staff of the Gerald R. Ford Conservation Center, a division of the Nebraska State Historical Society (NSHS), as part of a larger project, funded in part with a Save America's Treasures grant, to improve the storage conditions for the NSHS Native American collection.


Storage of Arrows

Support for Cradleboard Covers

Support for Long Headdresses

Internal Supports for Leggings

Support Trays

Tyvek Pillows for Textile Storage

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