Nebraska Hall of Agricultural Achievement [RG3413.AM]


RG3413.AM:  Nebraska Hall of Agricultural Achievement

Records:  1916-1993, 2012
Lincoln, Lancaster County, Nebraska
Size:  0.75 cu.ft.; 2 boxes


The Nebraska Hall of Agricultural Achievement was organized on January 20, 1916, according to a plan presented by S.C. Bassett at a meeting of the Nebraska State Horticultural Society.  The purpose of this association is "to gather and compile the history of achievements in agriculture in the territory and State of Nebraska."  The membership, limited to fifty, is composed of persons either actively engaged in farming or actively promoting the interest of agriculture.  Upon vote of the membership, portraits of individuals are selected to hang in the Hall of Fame located at the University of Nebraska College of Agriculture, Lincoln, Nebraska.


This collection consists of the records of the Nebraska Hall of Agricultural Achievement arranged in three Series:  1) Addresses and Biographies of Honorees; 2) Correspondence, 1916-1972; and 3) Miscellany, 1938-1972.  The bulk of this collection consists of addresses honoring inductees into the Nebraska Hall of Agricultural Achievement and describing their lives and careers.  There is some correspondence as well as a file of miscellany that includes programs of meetings, newspaper clippings and lists of honorees.

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Series 1 - Addresses and Biographies of Honorees
Box 1

  1. General Addresses
    Graff, Charles - Biography
    Ecology and the Nebraska Hall of Agricultural Achievement - by Paul Riley (2 copies)
    Canaday, Joseph Sylvester:  Pioneer in Farmers' Cooperative Marketing Genesis of Grand Island - by William Stolley
    General Henry Atkinson at the Council   Bluffs - by Addison E. Sheldon
    Acceptance and Appreciation Address - by Wayland Magee
    Address of President at Annual Meeting, May 14, 1918 (5 copies)
    Contributions of the Russian Immigrants to Nebraska Culture - by Peter Jansen, 1917
  1. Biographies of Honorees
    R.W. Daniels, 1917
    Isaac Pollard, 1917
    Thomas Andrews, 1917
    Charles Bessey, 1918
    C.S. Harrison, 1919
    Peter Youngers, 1922
    Joseph Barkhurst, 1923
    Elijah Filley, 1924
    George W. Hervey, 1924
    James D. Ream, 1925
  1. Biographies of Honorees
    Moses Stocking, 1926
    Samuel R. Thompson, 1926
    S.C. Bassett, 1927
    James A. Ollis, 1928
    Jules A. Sandoz, 1931
    William Gunn Whitmore, 1933
    William P. Snyder, 1935
    Joseph Roberts, 1936
    Albert Riser Modisett, 1936
    Peter Jansen, 1937
    Harry D. Lute, 1937
  1. Biographies of Honorees
    Lawrence Bruner, 1938
    Erwin Hopt, 1939
    Archibald L. Haecker, 1940
    Samuel Avery, 1942
    Edgar A. Burnett, 1943
    Addison Erwin Sheldon, 1947
    George Washington Jackson, 1948
    Howard R. Smith, 1952
    Rufus Melvin Howard, 1954
    Frank L. Robinson, 1954
    George E. Condra, 1955
  1. Biographies of Honorees
    William W. Burr, 1956
    H. Clyde Filley, 1957
    Franklin D. Keim, 1957
    Charles J. Warner, 1957
    Charles Y. Thompson, 1958
    Albert F. Magdanz, 1959
  1. Biographies of Honorees
    Wayland W. Magee, 1960
    Val Kuska, 1961
    Otto H. Liebers, 1961
  1. Biographies of Honorees
    Cornelius D. Haskell, 1962
    W.H. Brokaw, 1963
    Frank Joseph Haumont, 1964
    Dr. Marvel L. Baker, 1965
    Glenn Lewis, 1966
    Charles Marshall, 1967
    Emmett J. Lee, 1968
    Stanley A. Matzke, 1969
    Honor M. Ochsner, 1969
    Clifford M. Hardin, 1969
  1. Biographies of Honorees
    John Edward Eidam, 1970
    Ralph Raikes, 1971
    Maurice A. Kremer, 1972
    Willard H. Waldo, 1973
    Henry Klosterman, 1974
    Elvin F. Frolik , 1975
    Edward W. Janike, 1975
    George S. Round, 1975
    Clare R. Porter, 1976
    Elton L. Berck, 1977
    Wesley H. Hansen, 1977
    Marvin Twiehaus, 1978
    Max Brown, 1979
    E. Thome Johnson, 1979
    Abram W. Epp, 1980
    Loran Schmit, 1980
    Albert Ebers, 1981
    Abram W. Epp, 1981
    Glenn H. LeDioyt, 1982

Box 2

  1. Biographies of Honorees - Irrigation Technology Awards, 1982
    Frank Zybach
    Paul E. Fishbach
    LeRoy Thom
    Vance Anderson
    Paul Hohnstein
    Richard F. Reinke
    Robert B. Daughterty
  1. Biographies of Honorees
    George W. Norris, 1983
    Harold M. Stevens, 1984
    Milton H. Fricke, 1985
    William B. Krejei, 1985
    Jerome Warner, 1986
    Virginia Smith , 1987
    Donald G. Hanway, 1988
    Clayton K. Yeutter, 1989
    John C. Klosterman, 1990
    Wilfred J. Maddux, 1990
    James F. Roberts, 1990
    Charles R. Fenster, 1991
    Virgil A. Johnson, 1991
    John W. Schmidt, 1991
    D.B. "Woody" Varner, 1992
    David P. McGill, 1993
    Dayle E. Williamson, 1993
  1. Biographies of Honorees
    Martin A. Massengale, 1993<
    Rodney K. Gangwish, 2004
    Mark R. Gustafson, 2004
    Dr. Allen G. Blezek, 2012
    Dr. Roger W. Mandigo, 2012
    Alan R. Moeller, 2014
    Stephan L. Taylor, 2014

Series 2 - Correspondence, 1916-1972

  1. Correspondence

Series 3 - Miscellany

  1. Miscellany


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