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Nebraska’s Post Office Murals Explores New Deal Legacy

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Exhibits Curator Tina Koeppe and Exhibits Artist Jennifer Graham work on the display for Ruth Diamond Levinson's jacket. Levinson wore this jacket (nicknamed “GI Josephine”) during her service in World War II. The artifact is part of the "Nebraska Unwrapped" exhibit on display now at the Nebraska History Museum.


More than 600 Mormon pioneers died in their Nebraska encampment during the winters of 1846-47 and 1847-48. The camp, called Winter Quarters, is the site of a monument in the Florence neighborhood of Omaha, commemorating their deaths through the sculpture of Avard T. Fairbanks. In the Fall 2014 issue of Nebraska History, you can read about the unfortunate camp and the efforts to remember what happened there. Nebraska was only one stop along the way for the travelers.


In a previous post, we told you about Nebraska’s twelve post office murals, as presented in Robert  Puschendorf’s new book Nebraska’s Post Office Murals: Born of the Depression, Fostered by the New Deal. One of the murals with a fascinating story and intense attention to detail is the mural on display in Minden: Military Post on the Overland Trail. When William E. L. Bunn received the commission to paint Minden’s mural, he traveled there in order to conduct historical research on the area.

Source: Gerd and Katrin HellerDuring World War II there were 126 Prisoner of War (PW) camps in the United States. Fort Robinson, Nebraska had one of these camps.

"Going to Work" by Ernest Stevens (743p-106)For those of you who were unable to make it to the Nebraska History Museum last year for the exhibit entitled, “For the People: Nebraska’s New Deal Art,” we have some goo

In 1890 a young man named Carey Judson Warbington picked up a chair and began smashing a painting that hung in an Omaha gallery. The painting was Return of Spring by William Adolphe Bouguereau, in which Spring is personified by a nude woman surrounded by cherubs.


Return of Spring on exhibit at the Lininger Gallery in Omaha (Left). NSHS RG2163-03

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