Cold War

In a land of open fields and apple pie, Southeast Nebraska seemed calm and routine. But in 1958 construction began on a project that was quite the opposite–giant underground bunkers holding long-range Atlas missiles for U.S. defense during the Cold War. In the Summer 2012 issue of Nebraska History, Nicholas Batter reveals the fascinating role Nebraskans played in the arms race.

As minority floor leader in 1950, Wherry called for a full Senate investigation into “moral perverts” in federal employment. Wherry said that homosexuality was a matter of national security.

“You are not fooling anyone by screaming that McCarthy is lying,” said Sen. Joseph McCarthy into a KFAB microphone on August 24, 1951. He was addressing President Harry Truman.

Born in Filley, Nebraska, Robert Taylor became one of Hollywood's biggest stars. In 1947 he testified before the House Committee on Un-American Activities about purposed Communist influence in Hollywood.

By Kylie Kinley

This article first appeared in the January-February-March 2017 issue of Nebraska History News. Above: page from Sky Park's promotional brochure.


Today we’re highlighting one of the new exhibits at the newly-renovated Nebraska History Museum.

Barbara and Ralph Fox, 1943. Ralph C. and Barbara Rehberg Fox Collection (NSHS RG4701-2-116)


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