Fort Robinson

 Fort Robinson Christmas party. RG1517-85-1


Perhaps the most common question asked of staff at Fort Robinson, Nebraska, is “Where’s the fort?” Visitors who are only familiar with Hollywood depictions of forts are often surprised to discover that typical forts on the northern plains had no walls. But historian Thomas Buecker discovered that Hollywood wasn't all wrong – some forts were enclosed. In the Spring 2014 issue of Nebraska History, Buecker categorizes enclosed northern plains forts into five types.

Buffalo Soldiers

In the racially segregated military that followed the Civil War, one of the first Cavalry regiments for black soldiers was headquartered in Nebraska for more than a decade.

Fort Robinson excavation, May 2012Visitors to Fort Robinson State Park (near Nebraska’s northwest corner) see many original

Source: Gerd and Katrin HellerDuring World War II there were 126 Prisoner of War (PW) camps in the United States. Fort Robinson, Nebraska had one of these camps.

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