Genoa Indian School

1883: The beginning of the Genoa Indian Industrial School. 


The two story brick building capped with a side gable roof is the last remnant of the extensive US Indian Industrial School campus in Genoa, Nebraska.

November is Native American Heritage Month. To celebrate, we will highlight Native American artifacts in our collections during the month of November.

Interior of a class room at the Genoa Indian School. Students in class, sitting in desks and holding their books. Teachers are standing around the sides of the room. RG4422.1-20


This manuscript was written by Grace Stenberg Parsons. As the daughter of the blacksmithing instructor at the Genoa Indian School in Genoa, Nebraska, Parsons observed the young Native American children who attended the school on a daily basis from 1907-1911. This short memoir of her experiences gives details about her childhood growing up on the Crow Reservation in Montana and living at the Genoa Indian School in Nebraska. The original manuscript can be found in the NSHS collections, RG1298.

The Indians as I Knew Them

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