Ghost Story

The practice of Spiritualism primarily involved the communication with spirits or ghostly associations who have “gone over,” or died in the flesh. Claiming to be in contact with the beyond, the Fox sisters from New York are credited with starting the movement as early as 1848. Both Lincoln and Omaha City Directories indicated spiritualist churches were in operation at the turn of the twentieth century.

Cabin near Alexandria, Nebraska (RG2083.PH000004-000051) (photo at left).

Source: #4 Alexandria Journal 10/30/1965

Unidentified cowboy (RG2608.PH003300) (above)

Source: 3 Hemingford Herald 4/24/1896

Source: 2 Chadron Journal 3/28/1902

Alma, Nebraska (RG3831.PH000001-000007) (above).

The month of October can sometimes inspire images specific to the Halloween season. In December we think about Christmas, with brightly decorated trees and wrapped gifts full of surprise. In July we think red, white and blue thoughts as we celebrate the birth of our nation. But in October our imaginings seem to turn in a darker direction. Images of ghouls, ghosts and dealings with the undead fill that space occupied by dark autumn nights.

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