I recently ran across a few items in a manuscript collection relating to The Typemusic Company of Lincoln. Apparently Mr. W. A. Fowler invented and marketed a typewriter used for typing up musical compositions. He sold his invention through The Typemusic Company. The few advertising/marketing items we have show that he had “offices” in Lincoln, Nebraska, and Los Angeles, California.

Fall-2010-CoverDue to the great demand for the Fall/Winter 2010 issue of Nebraska History, we have posted the entire issue on our website.

This year’s rainy season has been made more tolerable, and safer, thanks to flood control initiatives over the last 60 years. But on July 6, 1908, nearly seven inches of rain fell on the capital city, with 2.5 inches coming in one two-hour period. The creeks in the Salt Creek watershed became torrents.

Photo depicts a Fourth of July parade in Lincoln circa 1895.

The Fourth of July at Capitol Beach, once a popular recreation area near Lincoln, was a “record-breaker,” said the Nebraska State Journal on July 5, 1907.

The Lincoln Police Department has added history pages to its website (including a lot of material they found at our K Street Government Records Facility). The site has photos and information arranged by decade from 1870 to 1970.

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