Location: 400-498 N Saunders Ave, Sutton, Clay County, Nebraska; 40.610008, -97.85935

An 1890s Omaha photo shows three young women dressed in what look like men’s military cadet uniforms. It was frowned upon for women to be dressed in such a manner, so why were they?

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100-148 E Walnut St, Harvard, Clay County, Nebraska

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Nebraska 12, Naper, Boyd County, Nebraska 

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The Spring 2018 issue of Nebraska History is devoted to the history and archeology of Engineer Cantonment. The 80-page magazine comes with a membership to the Nebraska State Historical Society. Single copies are available for $9.95 through the Nebraska History Museum.

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Interior of the North Platte Canteen during War War II. Volunteers served donated sandwiches, cookies, coffee, milk,
and birthday cakes to over six million service men and women. NSHS RG2154-6-1


By Kylie Kinley

July 29, 2016

Red Dog's village southeast of Red Cloud Agency.


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