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This handbag reflects Emily Fontenelle’s mixed-race Pawnee heritage and her nineteenth- and twentieth-century lifetime. 

Ndee stone, animal bone, and pottery artifacts.

The Ndee lived a semisedentary lifestyle in Nebraska, but likely more focused on bison hunting than the more varied subsistence patterns of more eastern tribes.


Nebraska archeology is renowned for its collection of artifacts and other information related to the Pawnee Tribe. 

Indian "Commission" Signed by William Clark 91563)

Indian "Commission" Signed by William Clark (1563)

Indian "Commission" Signed by William Clark 91563)

This 1815 Indian commission was signed by William Clark of Lewis and Clark Expedition fame. Clark was appointed governor and superintendent of Indian affairs of Missouri Territory in 1813.

November is Native American Heritage Month. To celebrate, we will highlight Native American artifacts in our collections during the month of November.

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