NSHS Permanent Collection

Vietnam Women's Memorial Quilt (13118-1)

This quilt was owned by Judith Knopp of Lincoln, Nebraska, quilted by Donna Brittenham and Ann Davis, and painted by Arlene Koenig. Although no information is available about the quilters or painter, Judith Knopp was a 1st lieutenant in the U. S. Army during the Vietnam War and served as a nurse during a three-year tour at a large base hospital in Japan. She was also the Nebraska volunteer coordinator for the Vietnam Women's Memorial project during the 1980s through the memorial's dedication in Washington, DC in 1993.

Whites only telephone booth sign, ca. 1920 (11055-2721)

A simple phone booth sign reminds us that racial segregation and discrimination were very real here in Nebraska. Our history includes laws against interracial marriage, practices that segregated home buying, and a once-active and virulent Ku Klux Klan. Even during World War II the Nebraska USO clubs that served our brave service men and women had separate facilities for black and white soldiers.

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